Writer’s Block

It’s about time. The block slams me in the face; ready to disarm my slow pace.

My thoughts are frozen. My grey matter brazen. Sure it’s a conductor but it’s too conductant.

The choice is none. There is not even one. Is zero out of zero tasks considered done?

There may be alleviance from any nuisance but balance comes when an event happens.

Perhaps the skill comes from spinning ones will from a still to something that does more than fill?

It will be framed once the famed dame decides to claim that these lines with no name are not lame.

Achieving syncopating words with a ring can be taxing!

So I end my whine. Dots in a line! Dots in a line! Simply divine! They look so fine and they’re all mine…

4 thoughts on “Writer’s Block

  1. Albert Ng Post author

    I don’t know if you know you inspired this. 😉

    I had writer’s block and started writing crap. Turns out I managed to churn out some rhymes though. Read lines 5 to 7 and you will see that it answers your question. The last line is about your &^#($*& spaced dots.

  2. the fudger Post author

    Why do you insist on clogging up your blog with random ramblings that rhyme but seriously don’t make very much sense . . . ?


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