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AZMYL YUNOR & ORKES PADU – “WAS WAS” album launch!

15th September 2015: AZMYL YUNOR & ORKES PADU – “WAS WAS” album launch! at No Black Tie.

But first, one of two opening acts – Froya!

In the back, upstairs, Zee was practicing his basslines.

Froya was joined on stage this time by Kim Lim on guitar.

Second opening act, Cats In Love.

Reuben on drums.

Wong Lip Kee, keyboard whiz.

N. Rama Lohan rocking out to the blues.

The crowd downstairs, all visible at 1/25s 24mm F2.0 at ISO25600 thanks to the Sony Alpha 7S.

Yup, all visible.

I finally found out what lied behind the curtains!

Azmyl Yunor & Orkes Padu.

Ammar on percussion.

A whole lot of musicians on stage compared to his The Sigarettes band.

Not one electric guitar…

…but two.

Producer and drummer Raje, also of The Sigarettes.

The folk busker himself, Azmyl Yunor.

A couple dances.

N. Rama Lohan joins for a few songs.

Clap along!

The Barlai Open Mic #9

10th September 2015: The Barlai Open Mic #9 at Barlai, Jalan Sin Chew Kee.

Jules Tang.

Samuel Lopez.

Peter Hassan Brown.

Mini percussion from the crowd! (Or a really tall glass of beer.)

This folk singer always has his trusty harmonica.

Markiza Brown, his wife, doing djembe in the crowd.

She joined him to sing…

…and clap.

Shaneil Devaser, emcee and organizer.

The Last One Awake.

Joined by Jermaine.

Ruben Kelvin.

Shaneil Devaser.

Back With A Camera

5th September 2015: A night around KL in places I hadn’t brought my camera to before! Here’s Blue Elephant, a speakeasy.

I really was there for Gaslight Cafe.

Cool entrance. A lot of old decor.

Yup, this place is something.

Diner booths!

All this built by the owner.

Old-school fridge! (There’s a working double bass next to it.)

Old-school microphone!

A nice, cosy gig venue.

Power switches.

All this, in the neighborhood of Bukit Damansara.

Real cosy.

Music was played on vinyl.

Not sure who took this picture of Tanmay, a photographer I just met that night.

Sudar pimping a Jeffrey Lewis & The Jrams gig.

Tonight: Kuning Pening, or Ibrahim!

This insanely random and amusing performance artiste read out of a motorcycle rider’s curriculum.

Sudar provided more sound effects.

A moment of silence… not. They were thinking hard to figure out where the buzzing sound was coming from, to exaggerated comic effect.

It’s okay man, it’s okay.

More mainstream instruments.

Sudar is electronic.

Ibrahim is organic.

I see an act this crazy on average, once a year.

Crazy screams. Like Mike Patton but random and funny.

Kimberley, who was in town for a short while, led me down the evening’s itinerary.

Polaroids of the many who performed at this new venue.

Then, we took an Uber to downtown KL.

Another speakeasy! Omakase + Appreciate. I always assumed the secret entrance was somewhere else for some reason.

Then, a true underground hidden club.

They have rules.

Under9 has cool brickwork!

A test for my Sony Alpha 7S indeed, with the Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM.

This, with the Sony Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM.

Playspace Live Launch Party

2nd September 2015: Playspace Live Launch Party at The Place, Damansara Perdana.

I bumped into Sharon Chong as I was walking around, looking for the place. Ever the wise, she knew where it was at. She also asked me to take a picture. I did not know why, but I put my faith in the wise!

The performance space, showcasing its lighting!

Edwin Sumun was the host for the night, an ever playful emcee.

The night was a journey through music through the decades. Foo Chie Haur here shows us the first stage.

Anna Chong and a Mongolian song.

Nana & Friends with opera!

Junji Delfino brings us to modern day recorded music.

Reza Salleh does the 50s and 60s.

Liyana Fizi joins him on stage to sing Something Stupid.

I love how it looks like they are either very dazzled or can’t get over how dazzling they both look.

But yeah, Stevensunny did a great job with the hair and make-up.

The lighting changes were smooth, too, with music transitioning from song to song effortlessly.

Joy Victor does the 70s.

Jude Macson Bensing does the 80s.

The band (where you see David Tebari on guitar, Melina William on bass, Omar Ibrahim on drums and Sharon Chong on keyboard) does the 90s.

Hiding somewhere in the back is Zalila Lee, who does a spot on impression of Alanis Morrisette.

Nikki Palikat brings us to the 2000s.

Glorious lights!

And with that, the full production value mini-concert ended.

But wait…

Junkofunc came out of hiding.

(Edited 4:05 AM 24th September 2015 +0800 GMT, with thanks to Reza Salleh for corrections regarding which performer performed which decade.)

The Barlai Open Mic #8 : SayangKinabalu #4

27th August 2015: The Barlai Open Mic #8 : SayangKinabalu #4 at Barlai, Jalan Sin Chew Kee. Here’s Ian Tai, guarding the new stage!

Happy Fingers.

Chris Bourge.

Beverly Rachel.

Jon Liddell.

The reason the stage was moved for the night was because MTV Asia was filming a show here. This is VJ Hanli!

Ray Cheong.

Priscillia Xavier.

Sim Jia Kent.

Corey Su (as always, a bit different.)

Who wouldn’t want to get a picture with this new VJ?

VJ Alan Wong, co-host.

Scientists, we hear! Forgot their band name.

Red Hot Chilli Tribute with Gregory Ramanado and Kaya!

26th August 2015: Red Hot Chilli Tribute with Gregory Ramanado and Kaya! at Daily Pint, Plaza Glomac, Kelana Jaya. I hate that Glomac can’t name their buildings distinctly!

New pub in a quiet part of town.

Pow! Gregory Ramanado’s new microphone stand.

First set was just him and his tunes, a few covers, but disappointingly, no Red Hot Chili Peppers covers.

Big brother is watching.

Second set was Kaya The Band, this time with at least one RHCP cover – Zephyr Song.

Drum and bass.

Soundman rocking out!

Finally, third set with some proper RHCP covers – Greg does Give It Away and Suck My Kiss.

Ray Cheong comes on to do a little Jimi Hendrix.

Ben Harding guest vocals for Californication and Dani California, while the band ends with Snow (Hey Oh).

Here’s their cover of Californication!

Personally I came in a RHCP mood, not to hear AC/DC or Led Zeppelin or Iron Maiden covers. Yes, they rocked each cover out to maximum possibleness, but still it just spoils the mood when nobody ever covers RHCP and you head all the way to some deserted part of town to hear covers of bands you hear being covered all the time. At least, alternate the material, so two non-RHCP songs, and one RHCP song, if that’s all you’ve had time to practice for. Having people wait and not managing expectations will surely have them ordering more drinks while waiting stupidly, but you can bet they won’t return.

It felt like buying a pirated CD from a night market which appeared to be a RHCP album from its cover, only to find it was an album full of rock-and-roll songs and only one RHCP song. I know a public calling-out isn’t great but all these Malaysian “tribute” gigs that don’t do 100% covers of that band – and not even 50% – has got to stop. Sadly, this style of non-tribute gigs are the majority. I should expect to be disappointed with any and every tribute gig in Malaysia.

Feedback Open Mic ft Kevin Theseira & Fabian Mark Peter @ The Bee Publika / August 2015 Edition

25th August 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Kevin Theseira & Fabian Mark Peter @ The Bee Publika / August 2015 Edition. Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer!

First sign-up, Irfan.

The Soundtrack.

Shareen & Michael. Downside of choosing a square crop to change things up a bit!

Joi Noir.

Awesome punk-rockish trio!

Yes we all love the 120th Anniversary Gibson SG Special Bass, in Heritage Cherry.

The Fender Jaguar is another timeless classic.

Dean, not the guitar brand. That’s just a good ol’ Yamaha folk guitar – either the F210 (which my sister has) or the F310.

Calan Eskandar.

Wei Ann.

Kevin Theseira, first featured act.

I call his special blend of music, derpy jazz.

Sounds Of Kites.

Fabian Mark Peter, second featured act, looking a bit like Yogi Bear.


Mikhail Hanafi and cool electronica sounds out of his laptop.


Happy Fingers, also a prolific portrait photographer who shoots primarily female subjects in a flattering light.


Red Panda.

Sara G..

Corey Su who channeled the dark energy of Pete Teo.

Jumero ALBUM LAUNCH [stepping stones]

21st August 2015: Jumero ALBUM LAUNCH [stepping stones] at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Jumero rocks!

The first of two opening acts, Natallie Ng.

Her band!

Interesting originals.

In the back, these banners were given around.

Second opening act, Crinkle Cut.

Ashley the small and the soundman.

Melissa reaches enlightenment.

Frances also shines.

Vicky, replacing Grace as she cruises around on a ship.

She’s using a Korg RK-100S Keytar for her synth lines. I want one!

Never forget your comb.

The crowd!

More supporters.

The inside joke is there, on the banners.


The Ju of Jumero, Jared Lim.

The Me of Jumero, Michael Lim.

The Ro of Jumero, Ryan David Gomes.

Cool cat T-shirt bro.

Sachie rocking their T-shirt.

Jared eventually got his hands on one.

Brandon Sta Maria guests on guitar, shredding away.

Cool that they had their own balloon! Also, in the foreground, the 1 that got away!

NBT & Reza Salleh presents Anna Chong & Pete Teo

17th August 2015: NBT & Reza Salleh presents Anna Chong & Pete Teo. Here’s the mystical, etherworldly Anna Chong.

No, this is not Photoshop – she really did look like that.

All thanks to my clever framing from the balcony of No Black Tie, of course.

A standard, clear shot. She was very engaging, telling us how she came about each song, in a uniquely humorous way. Funny then, that her music is anything but funny – it will bring you into another dimension.

Reza Salleh was invited on stage, to sing along to one of the songs she wrote with his vocal part in mind. Apparently, she writes melodies with temporary nonsense syllables, and puts in the words later. However, she simply didn’t put in the words this time, leaving the nonsensical syllables in for both of them to sing. It works.

He was also emcee and organizer.

The legendary Pete Teo, who reappeared in the city after disappearing to tend to a farm.

He requests for pin drop silence.

We could then truly feel his folk soul struggle, expressed in his trademark vibrato.

Just as Anna Chong, he regaled in tales of his past, and explained how each song came to be. Truly a treat!

Az Samad was also invited to play the erhu bit of Jesselton Tonight using guitar instead.

I don’t remember what was going on here.

His cheeky way of asking if we wanted an encore.

He may have some white hair, but he’s every bit the playful schoolboy on stage with a mischievious grin.

Reharmnation @ Drum Asia

14th August 2015: Reharmnation @ Drum Asia. Here’s opening act, Silent Angel!

These guys are speed metal. Been a while since I’ve seen proper, indulgent shredding!

Here they are, doing Angel Rising.

Old buddy Regina Neoh!

Who would ever know that this Young KL Singer and choir teacher would end up singing metal?

So much sweeping, I was swept off my feet.

Very cool T-shirt. Black Sabbath did, after all, invent metal.

All this, at Drum Asia, a place I’d just discovered, on the other end of the same block where Groove Junction in Desa Sri Hartamas used to be. It was also on the same road as the legendary Jamasia.

By day, it is also a music shop and jam studio.

I overheard some elderly gentleman explain to a young couple, that this originally was a law firm, but he decided to give the top floor to his son to make this. His law firm is still below it. He regretted not hanging out and being close with his son when he was growing up, so this was his way of making up to it, while being just one staircase away from him!

The band, Reharmnation!

Fronted by Edya Enessa, who was *this* tall when Regina taught her. She was the first batch of the choir!

Low light, not a problem with the Sony Alpha 7S and the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro Edition.

Proud teacher.

Their originals were more balladic.

Lighting was pretty sweet!

I’d first seen Edya when she was doing backup vocals for a friend, in a recording studio.

It was her and her best friend, Tasha Aleia, both harmonizing. They’d also harmonize in their own duo, Tashness.

I soon discovered the flare from the oscillating spotlights worked with my lens in particular.

The banding is from using Silent Shutter, which utilizes a completely eletronic shutter which is not global. Thus the flicker of the lights shows as the sensor reads out the data.

Tasha is invited on stage!

They combine their voices in harmony. Edya was to further her studies overseas in music. It was announced that when she was abroad, Tasha would take over the vocal duties.

A whole stash of CDs!

Autographin’ time.