NBT & Reza Salleh presents Anna Chong & Pete Teo

17th August 2015: NBT & Reza Salleh presents Anna Chong & Pete Teo. Here’s the mystical, etherworldly Anna Chong.

No, this is not Photoshop – she really did look like that.

All thanks to my clever framing from the balcony of No Black Tie, of course.

A standard, clear shot. She was very engaging, telling us how she came about each song, in a uniquely humorous way. Funny then, that her music is anything but funny – it will bring you into another dimension.

Reza Salleh was invited on stage, to sing along to one of the songs she wrote with his vocal part in mind. Apparently, she writes melodies with temporary nonsense syllables, and puts in the words later. However, she simply didn’t put in the words this time, leaving the nonsensical syllables in for both of them to sing. It works.

He was also emcee and organizer.

The legendary Pete Teo, who reappeared in the city after disappearing to tend to a farm.

He requests for pin drop silence.

We could then truly feel his folk soul struggle, expressed in his trademark vibrato.

Just as Anna Chong, he regaled in tales of his past, and explained how each song came to be. Truly a treat!

Az Samad was also invited to play the erhu bit of Jesselton Tonight using guitar instead.

I don’t remember what was going on here.

His cheeky way of asking if we wanted an encore.

He may have some white hair, but he’s every bit the playful schoolboy on stage with a mischievious grin.

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