Monthly Archives: June 2003

The Filler Routine Update

I’m gonna try a commentary of the day’s events, as filler till I have something really interesting to blog about.

Last Saturday, I went down to my old school, SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ (yes, believe it or not, that gangster school). It was Family Day. I hoped to bump into some old schoolmates but alas, I found only two; Ayman and Edwin. A look around found many double-dotters. Mmmm. Especially one gothic chick with hazel-eyed innocence. They probably were from other schools anyway. 🙁 My schoolmates were never supportive enough of our own events!

I then went over to Midvalley at noon. I met up with ex-colleagues from Xfresh for my free lunch at Chili’s. Surprised I was to see classic fong-fei-kei-er Nadia and her concierge, Jay.

6 left the gathering, leaving just Patrick and I to watch Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle. Action-packed, yes! At times it seemed like the Angels had superb air control. It was like they were able to swim through air, escaping explosions and landing on flying motorbikes! It seems their bulletproof vests can also block wall-penentrating Desert Eagle bullets shot by that renegade Angel played by Demi Moore. Cast all illogicalness aside; I was hooked since Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire played during the Mongolian escape, and Dylan would wear AC/DC and Judas Priest shirts while headbanging to Bon Jovi. Natalie (played by Cameron Diaz) has the most irritatingly bimbo expressions but is also the fact-laden scientist. Yep, I enjoyed it. I wasn’t blur even though I hadn’t seen the first movie. 🙂

By then I was having a flu-induced headache, but I went on to Maju Junction at night to play British pool or whatever you call those downsized tables with multicolored balls on them. It was way cheaper, at RM3 per game. The white ball was either bigger or smaller than the other balls, and it was the only ball to come back out if it fell into any of the holes. Coolness!

How about Sunday?

I slept the whole day. I woke up for dinner to find out that the continuation to the cliffhanger series Smallville was delayed! Dangit. The channel TV3 was showing their 19th anniversary celebration instead. Gee, isn’t it more auspicious being celebrated on the 20th? Now I’ll won’t know whether Clark gets Lana the babe till next Sunday! 🙁

Don’t Worry My Love(s)

Don’t worry if we’re going too fast
Worry if it’s not part of the deal
Don’t worry about how long it will last
Worry about how good it will feel

I am a pharmacist
Prescribing drugs I’ll never use
I am a botanist
Plucking flowers from beds I choose
I am a scientist
Causing double helixes to fuse
I am a pessimist
I wonder if I have anything to lose

Perhaps I’d heed, not admire
Perhaps I’d bleed through the wire
Perhaps my seed will expire
Perhaps my greed shall backfire

Back to reality. If there’s one thing Paul and I are good at, it’s staying single.

More Flood Updates

I went to the underground McDonalds at Masjid Jamek. Business was at usual, and the place was as bright and colorful as before. There were signs of immersion, like the rusted table feet and the mirror that had the chair-swimming-into-it-with-legs mark. Didn’t try the food, though…

Yes, I went down to the worst-hit place, the underground parking lot under Merdeka Square. Oh boy. It looked and smelt like a sewer, with a puddle of mud for a floor. From the brown stained sewer you could tell the waters were a human’s head high. The cars, presumably those of lawyers amongst others, were all towed out. Oh boy. The city is gonna get sued. Then again, it could be God’s way of flooding out evil? (To those studying law, please don’t sue me! Joke! Joke!)

I then walked past Royal Selangor Club that had its own underground car park. I looked down the entry ramp but it looked unaffected! Odd.

I then walked further on to The Actor’s Studio entrance. There were signs saying “Only DBKL vehicles are allowed to park here” and beyond were big pumping machines. Oh boy. Even the parking lots had a bed of mud, and those cars that hadn’t drove away also had beds of mud underneath.

I walked out again, passing a small church that had a puddle for a parking lot. What was that supposed to mean?

Okay, now that I’m done with my conspirationalist grandfather stories, stop looking at me like a freakish busybody! I’ll never let you know the 4D numbers I got!

On to something more pointless. My latest riff craze is this song, played so feverishly on guitar to the point I just had to have it as an irritating message ringtone.

Metallica – Seek And Destroy
Tempo: 112bpm not so irritating, 63bpm to be accurate

32a1 32- 32a1 32- 32d3 32#d3 16d3 32a1 32-
32a2 32#a2 16a1 32a1 32- 32f2 32- 32e2 32-
16g2 16e2 16c3 16a2 16e3 16d3 16b2 16d3 16b2 16#a2 16a2
16#f2 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e1 32d2 32d2 32e2 32e2
32d3 32d2 32e2 32e2 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e2 16d2
16b1 16#a1


Aggression is what I need
Aggression or I will be left to bleed
From my green eyes
From my fatigued thighs

Run, run! Don’t walk
Watch the length of your talk
Watch the strength of your balk
Watch the bitter taste of chalk

So your friend was unconventional.
Should public opinion be pivotal?
Was all you wanted approval?
What they said put you in denial

Should I have used my influence?
Reversed a negative appearance?
To backfire on me
To become my enemy

Don’t worry, my friend
My aggression will not be your end.

Flash Floods

I was stuck in a two hour jam on the company bus from ASTRO to KL for two hours, when it should usually take 20 minutes. The occasion? Flash floods. Yes, the famed millions-of-Ringgit-in-damage one. Ouch.

Fortunately, where the bus was, was higher ground. Though the traffic took one hour to go from one junction of a road to another, and half an hour to turn a corner, I wasn’t faring too badly what with my credit-busting mobile phone in hand. The bus air-conditioner was ambiently coating me in frost, to that I wish I had gloves to type messages with, instead of having to sit on my hands between sentences.

Yes, sitting on your hands is a lot more effective than leaning on them; the lipase on your gluteus maximus fills in the gaps in your fingers. Make sure the palm faces your body, not the other way round! That way, if you have varicose-like veins on the outer side of your palms, you won’t give yourself pins and needles.

I heard that the Masjid Jamek LRT station was closed or something from my mom. Fortunately, the LRT stops I was going to were all above ground. What a pity though… if my mom wasn’t waiting for me at the Bangsar LRT station, I would have been the nosy busybody Malaysian who would go to Masjid Jamek just to see the hooha.

The next day I saw the papers. Tragic, yes! Cool in a way, too, because I was sorta there, and sorta affected. People drowning, cars submerged, basement parking lots flushed? Not cool.

Of course I was still very busybody and so I strolled around the place depicted in the photograph, namely the Masjid Jamek LRT area. There was sand everywhere… the last time it happened I christened it Pantai Jamek (or Jamek Beach.) The metal bridges above the muddy rivers were full of debris, like dead grass, wooden planks, a car seat, and a motorcycle helmet. I told this to a female friend, to which she said only guys would do these kind of things. Well, I didn’t like poke the car seat to see if it was still wet. 😛

Even cooler (but yes, tragic) was when I walked past the underground McDonalds. The counters and a few seats are at ground level, with the other seats all at a lower level. It was dark, with a rubber hose running out to the drain, as an employee walked barefoot. How was business? What business? Perhaps they would have hope in being a take-away joint… 🙂

Today was no better. I read about the local thespian hangout, The Actors Studio being submerged in the carpark. Not like I was going to watch a show there anytime soon, but it still felt painful. Also, could submerged cars still work after the water is gone?

I wonder more than ever if I should get an umbrella.

No Sanity Just Vanity

matrix2.jpg, 5105 bytes

Yes! Finally got to watch The Matrix. I bought the Matrix Revisited Video CD pack. Oddly, Windows Media Player could play Revisited but not the original VCD! So much for original VCDs. 🙁

I could blame it on my Sony 8x4x32 CD-rewritable drive – it’s sensitive as heck. Then my friend suggested other installing programs. Roxio Video Player didn’t work so I installed, of all things, MSI DVD Player. Never mind that I didn’t have a DVD-reading drive, it worked!

I have been enlightened.

My family is now catching up on the amassed collection of VCDs that never worked before. 🙂