More Flood Updates

I went to the underground McDonalds at Masjid Jamek. Business was at usual, and the place was as bright and colorful as before. There were signs of immersion, like the rusted table feet and the mirror that had the chair-swimming-into-it-with-legs mark. Didn’t try the food, though…

Yes, I went down to the worst-hit place, the underground parking lot under Merdeka Square. Oh boy. It looked and smelt like a sewer, with a puddle of mud for a floor. From the brown stained sewer you could tell the waters were a human’s head high. The cars, presumably those of lawyers amongst others, were all towed out. Oh boy. The city is gonna get sued. Then again, it could be God’s way of flooding out evil? (To those studying law, please don’t sue me! Joke! Joke!)

I then walked past Royal Selangor Club that had its own underground car park. I looked down the entry ramp but it looked unaffected! Odd.

I then walked further on to The Actor’s Studio entrance. There were signs saying “Only DBKL vehicles are allowed to park here” and beyond were big pumping machines. Oh boy. Even the parking lots had a bed of mud, and those cars that hadn’t drove away also had beds of mud underneath.

I walked out again, passing a small church that had a puddle for a parking lot. What was that supposed to mean?

Okay, now that I’m done with my conspirationalist grandfather stories, stop looking at me like a freakish busybody! I’ll never let you know the 4D numbers I got!

On to something more pointless. My latest riff craze is this song, played so feverishly on guitar to the point I just had to have it as an irritating message ringtone.

Metallica – Seek And Destroy
Tempo: 112bpm not so irritating, 63bpm to be accurate

32a1 32- 32a1 32- 32d3 32#d3 16d3 32a1 32-
32a2 32#a2 16a1 32a1 32- 32f2 32- 32e2 32-
16g2 16e2 16c3 16a2 16e3 16d3 16b2 16d3 16b2 16#a2 16a2
16#f2 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e1 32d2 32d2 32e2 32e2
32d3 32d2 32e2 32e2 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e1 16e2 16d2
16b1 16#a1

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