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An Ode To Public Transport

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It takes me past the district of red lights
It’s not necessary to drive or steer
When elevated there are lovely sights
It’s safe to use the tube so have no fear
Cheap and gets you there for minimal fees
It slides in the slot and pops out just right
The doors open to which there are no keys
Operations are not for the daylight
It’s simple back and forth repetition
At the right spots one would go in and out
The longer the better with more friction
Patience is virtuous or else push and shout
So many people take it for granted
It’s fast to learn soon you’d be experienced

Superhero Sonnet

I’d play with the web during my missions
I’d swing about, you’d be my Mary Jane
I’d hear faraway sounds and see visions
But only the green gem drives me insane
I lost my vision but it did not hurt
Senses are at a different level
I’d lose my temper as well as my shirt
And veins would vasculate through my muscle
I’d emerge from the cave in which I stayed
For some bright light in the sky called for me
My eyes would shoot a brilliant spread of red
When I cleared obstacles in my path free
I have superpowers when I have you
Thanks for saving me from the real world too

Cut Across Dotted Line

I’ve been lazy lately, but not so lazy just a few hours ago – I added dotted lines, using CSS, to all the posts in the Cross-worded skin!

This also means that future skins will look more formatted and pretty! 🙂

Why can’t I see the dots?

Well, the dots are supposed to be quite dim, but still visible (unless you have a dark monitor.)

Screw that. How’s life?

Life is weird. I finally got what I saw coming, a bit late, but still expected. People do certain things, knowing what kind of trouble it will get them into, but still do it. I just sat and waited. Is “wrong” so common in our society, that catching it comes with complacence?

I’ve always considered myself mischieviously evil, not evil in a diabolical way. Now that I can consider myself both, I don’t find it all that fun. It’s always the chase, the pursuit, that is most fun. Run, legs, run. Don’t stop running, or you’ll have to pant and gasp for air. Or, on a more contemporary example, arcade racing. Who likes being far ahead on a one-lap course? If there’s nobody to overtake, what’s the fun? If you can’t catch up to their backs when they’re one lap behind, there is no point already.

Maybe I am lazy to be the first, to be at the top, because they can then say “push the goal further away“. There’s just so much it can be pushed, especially at the end. Maybe you’ll go achieve, study 5 different courses at the same time and graduate with 5 different degrees of the most popular courses. And then what? Study more? You’re not done yet – there are so many sciences left! If you’re like that, I just wish you good luck in the pursuit.

Oh, and I’ve added 3 new Quotes. Enjoy their incisive wit!

What’s in a Name?

Please attack my slack, discipline I lack
My head’s a maze, questions I wished I raised
Crack at the stack of homework at the back
In a haze, I laze – a nonchalant phase
I make a break, to the face I take cake
To release tension, keys to inner peace
In the brain’s wake, my future is at stake
One sees the tease, pleased to his knees then flees
Last minute explicit book revisit
Blame and maim so lame, famed excuses came
Sit, brightly lit, read a bit as seen fit
“What’s in a name?” Will never be the same
My head shook as I gave it my last look
This handle I took, the Glaring Notebook

Glaring Notebook Animated Icon

P.S. This is not the real origin of my nickname – ask me in person!

My Parasite

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It’s fair to say that I’ve a flair to share
Goodwill to spill – just chill, I’ll foot the bill
Don’t split a hair – I’ll repair, I’ll be there
To climb uphill, to fulfil is my thrill
Feed those in need, it’s a kind-hearted deed
You’re waged? Give some to the disadvantaged
Then you come, like a weed, I’d heed your plead
The page turned, I raged as you hedged the ledge
The smallest you’d keep best close to your breast
The cheap facts you would keep deep inside, steep
You’d test my cranial nest when I need rest
Your queried beeps make me weep in my sleep
No lack of zinc, yet my hair’s turning white
In foresight it’s right – you’re my parasite

More Evilness!

I was evil before, with an example – click here!

I am evil again, and this time the story will be told in a sonnet!

I’m evil, sadistic – stopped teen lovebirds
The guy couldn’t get change to take my bus
She beckoned; “I can’t” were his gestured words
She waved bye like it was an exodus
Like a train leaving for a far country
She was sweet, innocent, pimpled, blemished
She sadly rubbed her eyes repeatedly
“I love you” she mouthed, on the glass she smudged
Her eyes grew watery, and soon formed tears
For it was between small change they were torn
The bus starts moving, much to their worst fears
He cried too, that they’re not together on
The bus that he can’t take to whereever
My coins attract a metal detector

(Edited note: Nearing 9 AM, the next day, I saw this couple walking towards my college. I got on the lift with them and they were whispering among themselves whether I was familiar and if so should they whack me up!)