What’s in a Name?

Please attack my slack, discipline I lack
My head’s a maze, questions I wished I raised
Crack at the stack of homework at the back
In a haze, I laze – a nonchalant phase
I make a break, to the face I take cake
To release tension, keys to inner peace
In the brain’s wake, my future is at stake
One sees the tease, pleased to his knees then flees
Last minute explicit book revisit
Blame and maim so lame, famed excuses came
Sit, brightly lit, read a bit as seen fit
“What’s in a name?” Will never be the same
My head shook as I gave it my last look
This handle I took, the Glaring Notebook

Glaring Notebook Animated Icon

P.S. This is not the real origin of my nickname – ask me in person!

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