Urbanscapes 2016 Finale

8 May 2016: Urbanscapes 2016 Finale!

This was very near the center point of Kuala Lumpur, the muddy estuary that gave the city its name.

Left: Gombak River; right: Klang River. They merge to become the Klang River.

And of course, the inhabitants that dominate the landscape.

Nasi Lemak tent, which we’d see a bit of later in the night.

The late Paul Lau of Tugu Drum Circle.

Always the activist, always in the scene.

Foreboding that the RapidKL MRT would finally reach Putrajaya. (That is the Prime Minister’s Office of Malaysia in the background.)

More backalley shots.

And now, for the beautiful Art Deco building that used to host OCBC Bank, now known as 2 Hang Kasturi, or Urbanscapes House.

Stitched shot of the stairway leading up.

Ground floor.

Things to pose with.


Cool neon lights.

Does it ever get displayed without this lighting?



I can imagine how cool that picture he’s taking is going to be.

Cardboard cutouts for each corner.


Cool skateboard upcycled art!

A halfpipe nobody could skate on.

Bolted on.


Benches with cushions.

One floor just full of stalls.

There was always the option of the lift, surprising for such an old building.

The grand balcony.

Somebody was preparing a public marriage proposal!

If you’d look over to Medan Pasar, you’d see this.

Somebody then asked them to look up at the signboards on the balcony.

She said yes.

From this balcony, I finally got a clear shot of the top of the beautiful Art Deco Clock Tower in Medan Pasar.


Back inside, with the airconditioning.

It’s a sausage dog!

Looks like I wasn’t the only one with the staircase shot.

One Mic Stand, with Melizarani T. Selva.

Also to promote her book of poems, Taboo.

Prakash Daniel was up next!

Hannan Azlan.

Brian Tan.

Then, over to the main stage, was Fazz!

This was their new lineup, as a big band. Left to right: Ad, Grace, Liu, Kian Seng, Eizaz, Yon Lynn, Raja Farouque.

Spicy horn section!


Yon Lynn bringing the party on.

I don’t even remember how I got this shot.

Jone on drums.

Back at the Nasi Lemak Tent was Kavin Jay.


Sadly I didn’t catch his name but he had some sharp jokes.

The Otherside Orchestra!

Disco to end the night.

Or, as they’d call it…

…electro danceable rock and roll.

I agree with this name.

Left to right: September Khu and Don Michael De Leon.

Left to right: Talitha Tan, Kasih, and Raja Farouque. I had my telephoto on, so apologies to those bokehfied in the background.

I left at night, and stumbled into a busker.

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