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My Wallpaper Is Live!

This is so cool I just can’t not blog about it right away. I usually intend to blog with my proper watermark done in Photoshop (which my work laptop does not have, legitimately so) but I beared with Picasa’s watermark for this.

Ah yes, I do have some new acquisitions, whether I like it or not – a work laptop to kill my back with, a new camera (of which its identity will be revealed later in a full-on geeky post) and this – a worthy successor to a smartphone of its time, my trusty Nokia N70.

So yeah, this is the coolest Live Wallpaper ever. It animates, and you can set the difficulty (which affects the number of enemies Mario encounters). And it’s Super Mario World, my favorite Mario of all time! Now if only I had the time to get the ROM in SNesoid Lite

(And yes, I had to wait for Maxis to release their lock on this phone, and I don’t like the locks that turtlenecker puts on his phone. Long live Adobe!)

Edit: Oh yes, get it here:

Countryside Taman Kota

Good morning Casswen! (Bokeh from the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 has been processed with my STF-like routine.)

Here’s one with the Zeiss 135mm F1.8 at F5.6…

…and one at F1.8.

This was one heck of a striking blue dress.

More with the Vivitar 24mm F2.0.

This set isn’t as high-key as the previous one; it’s a pain to get the right brightness for all those darned LCD monitors that are too bright out of the box. Go calibrate it so you don’t get really dark prints! (I process everything on my trusty CRT monitor which matches prints.)

Of course, I can’t be going around calibrating everybody’s damn overbright monitors so I’ll have to find somewhere in between. I’d have preferred to keep my skintones where they were, expressed as near highlights instead of obvious midtones…

EXIF is included in all shots.

Oh and yes, you can click on any of the images for a larger view.

This is a continuation from Part 1 here:
City Park Countryside

Moonshine 11-2

Here is Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, a certain 11th of February 2010. This is Diandra Arjunaidi!

This time around, she has a bigger band.

Hanafi’s in love!

My first gig with the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 un-tilt-shifted. 24mm F2.0 1/30s ISO6400.

I have this affinity towards taking pictures of people with screens glowing on their faces…

…and faces which glow like the likes of likeable Liyana Fizi!

24mm wide makes for some interesting perspectives.

Of course, the 135mm is the usual drum shooter.

Yes, I misread that the first time too!

Reza Salleh pushing a more rocking beat this time around.

Hanafi’s a major tweak geek. Look at the number of switches on his Fender Jaguar!

And this is his pedalboard, neatly annotated with the common settings.

I… am not sure what she was doing.

I wonder if that was a video because she was holding her phone that way all the time.

Mira of Tilu!

This was one heck of a big band, 8 of them (there’s the keyboardist to the left and the bassist to the right.)

Jeff, who looks to be our indie scene’s only saxophone player.

They played some swing, soul and old-school R&B. Y’know, of the Earth Wind & Fire flavor. Boogie time!

Fishy Thoughts

I stood in the lounge, staring at the aquarium.

There lay a fish, asleep, lying on some rocks.

I wondered for a while, whether this aquarium was big enough for these fishes – do they get bored?

As a kid you’re confined to the house mostly. As a domestic pet you might have an even smaller surface area you’re allowed to roam in. Having seen one puppy have a small fencing to itself made me quite sad really, thinking animals should roam free and be allowed the joy of travel as and when they want to!

So kids, if you’re reading your dad’s blog archives, this is why I don’t want pets in the house.

Sure, kids love dogs, but dogs need dog friends too! They got urges, and you’d be glad they don’t put their urges on you.

Hmmm that was a different tangent than what I originally intended. Anyway! Imagine being a fish – you could swim about and sleep wherever you want, whenever you want. Because you have no belongings! There is nothing to take care of. You don’t have to put your stash at home. You have no stash.

Maybe if you were a baby octopus you’d have a coconut shell as a house, but that is temporary.

The only thing you’d need to worry about, is that you are not eaten when you are asleep. I take it that different fishes don’t eat each other despite cohabiting, because fish food just tastes better. It has to, for the survival of the smaller fish!

So is that what being a monk is all about? Having no belongings? All you have is the robe. You have all the time in the world to think about how to solve the world’s problems. Nobody nags you, you don’t have to report to anybody, you don’t have to go to school… you have full control over your mental resources.

Thus, a child born into a monastery has less mental worth than a regular member of society who knows the problems of society and then becomes a monk and gets to thinking how to solve problems full-time. All the kid is good for, is probably martial arts and being a vegetarian chef. What good does that kid do for society when he comes to town and steals our women, charming them with their ponytails and vegetarian ways?


Howdy folks, Albert is back.

No, not the photo-blogging Albert, the original blogging Albert. The wordy one.

Yes I’ve been away – a lot of stuff has been going on. I’ve been doing the night shift; today is the first week and I’m… adjusting. It’s quite fun, the prospect of being able to see the sun when not at work. If only I wasn’t so tired. The idea that I can go visit all these places that are only open during office hours is also quite enthralling. But first things first – daily 8 hours have never become so necessary.

I end up waking at 6pm. Which is, really, like exiting the office at 6pm.

Speaking of which, I am in a different office (again). While my employer and hand that feeds me is the same, the office and colleagues are different – it’s like I got a new job without the hassle of any interviews (and 2-month waiting time!) So I am now closer to home, Solaris Dutamas to be exact. Bukit Jalil was far and had no life anyway, other than its new found function as a bus station.

I’ve also been doing 10am to midnight work hours the past 2 weeks, which explains my online absence and absent-mindedness. Big project that was. My 30-something year old colleague was finding it interesting that she could re-align herself to such long hours, something we only had the vitality for in our college years!

I believe it was C. Loco who told me that once you hit 27 (or was it 26?) you start to think you’re real old and complain about it. I hear myself doing so, and I see older people doing so at a greater extent. So be prepared for some juvenile geriatric speeches the next time I see you acting youthful!

Camera-wise – the Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 were launched last Friday. Pictures will come once I get some sleep as I’ve just got home. Pricing is RM2699 for the NEX-5 with Sony E 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 OSS (Optical SteadyShot) and the first 150 buyers get a 8GB Memory Stick Pro Duo, 2 years extended warranty and a free training workshop. Prices for other packages are not out yet, unfortunately, until the stock arrives. I know I want the NEX-5, Sony E 16mm F2.8 pancake and LA-EA1 lens adapter.

I would also like to thank Thursday Love, who is writing a book on her (and our) favorite subject! She hooked me up with some movies – one of which is the title of this blog entry (well, it was planned to be, but got renamed) and the others being Kinsey and My Own Private Idaho. Kinsey was interesting – I could relate to the detachment of emotion from science, as I fancy myself a man of science (and can relate to the external view that Dr. Manhattan of Watchmen has.) I dare say it had a much further, better impact and awareness for the GLBT movement than Brokeback Mountain ever did. Honestly, I wasn’t moved by Brokeback Mountain, nor could I understand why they were suddenly humping each other in a tent!

Then there was My Own Private Idaho, with Keanu Reeves actually acting… as a male escort (euphemism used to prevent being on a company’s website filter list.) I’ve always known I looked like Keanu ever since The Matrix, and so I have this symptom where whenever I’ve just watched a Keanu movie, I tend to walk or stand like I’m Keanu and there is a movie camera a few meters away pointed at me. Yes, he had that look even in that movie.