Moonshine 11-2

Here is Moonshine: A Homemade Music Show, a certain 11th of February 2010. This is Diandra Arjunaidi!

This time around, she has a bigger band.

Hanafi’s in love!

My first gig with the Vivitar 24mm F2.0 un-tilt-shifted. 24mm F2.0 1/30s ISO6400.

I have this affinity towards taking pictures of people with screens glowing on their faces…

…and faces which glow like the likes of likeable Liyana Fizi!

24mm wide makes for some interesting perspectives.

Of course, the 135mm is the usual drum shooter.

Yes, I misread that the first time too!

Reza Salleh pushing a more rocking beat this time around.

Hanafi’s a major tweak geek. Look at the number of switches on his Fender Jaguar!

And this is his pedalboard, neatly annotated with the common settings.

I… am not sure what she was doing.

I wonder if that was a video because she was holding her phone that way all the time.

Mira of Tilu!

This was one heck of a big band, 8 of them (there’s the keyboardist to the left and the bassist to the right.)

Jeff, who looks to be our indie scene’s only saxophone player.

They played some swing, soul and old-school R&B. Y’know, of the Earth Wind & Fire flavor. Boogie time!

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  1. Silencers Post author

    d’awww. Here I was thinking you’d be sticking to walls of text all the way. I missed your genius observations in writing. Now that there are too many photographer/cameragrapher blogs, finding a good read can be quite a chore!


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