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The Republik of Wangsa Maju

What: The Republik Presentation Series with Getty Images photographer Palani Mohan
Where: The Republik, 20-2, Wangsa Delima 11, Wangsa Link
When: Friday 30th April 2010, 8:30pm – 9:30pm
How Much: Free!

You can see his portfolio here:

More details here:

I like going for talks by accomplished photographers (and I don’t mean the wedding genre.) There is so much more to be inspired by!

Thanks Vig for the headsup!

What’s NEX? Sony’s EVIL!

This just in – another leak at a bar! This time, the supposed Sony NEX-3, a compact Interchangeable Lens Camera!

Picture taken from:

Note the top flips up to reveal an accessory connector (probably for electronic viewfinder, flash or even a supposed optical viewfinder!)

There appears to be a screw mount instead of Minolta’s classic quick-release (which is a shame). It seems that the add-on flash is fastened by tightening the knob.

The flash looks too small to be powered by AAA batteries – perhaps it will take power from the camera.

On the plus side, it has stereo microphones!

The 16mm F2.8 pancake looks a bit long. I hope this is not the case.

It looks like the mount sticks out a fair bit… so I am not so confident of it achieving the 20mm back flange distance that the Micro Four-Thirds mount has. The shorter the back flange distance, the more lenses can fit, of other mounts.

Supposing the lens filter size was 49mm (as rumored) and the width of the filter measured is 133 pixels, the maximum thickness of the camera from mount to rear is 95 pixels. This means a maximum thickness of 49mm/133*95 = 35mm.

However if I measured from the lens mount to the accessory connector’s screw I get 56 pixels, letting the flange distance be 49mm/133*56 = 20.6mm!

This is, of course, give or take parallax error.

Mounts with shorter back flange distances, can accept lenses with longer back flange distances, using an adapter without any glass, thus keeping all the image quality.

And now, for another shot from a while ago, from a future Sony Alpha 700 replacement with AVCHD video recording.

This is a future entry-level Sony Alpha also with AVCHD video recording. Yes it has a mike, and AF/MF switch on body, meaning it will still support screw-drive lenses.

This is from a trade show – note how important movie recording is on these new compact Alphas, to warrant its own button.

Meanwhile, in other mounts, I spotted this at Pikom PC Fair 2010 – the Olympus Micro Four-Thirds 9-18mm F4-5.6! Supremely compact for an ultra-wide angle. It’s no bigger than your standard 50mm F1.4!

And here’s the Samsung NX10 with the Samsung 55-200mm F4-5.6 OIS and an external flash.

The NX10 fits the Samsung 30mm F2.0 pancake better. This is a hollowed mock, though.

The Epson V300 Photo, a really affordable film scanner! This goes for under RM500.

Warga emas.

Guitar Hero 5, coming up for World Cyber Games! Are times exciting or what?

In other news, I got myself a chipped adapter for my Opteka 85mm F1.4. Thanks cjlai for installation! I had to file down the inner curve of the chip using my screwdriver’s ridged handle, as at infinity, the lens would push the chip out a bit and cause it to be unable to mount.

Ah, clearance! It now allows my 85mm to work with the A900 in Aperture Priority, and allows focus confirm, focus trap (with Focus Priority enabled) and Intelligent Preview. Sweet! The chip reports 50mm F1.4 though.

Five Parts Metal

And now for some mugshots of members of local metal band Dragon Red! Here is Adam.

All shots with the Sony Alpha 900 and Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D) at ISO200, F11 – F11 and hard lights from both sides gives a heck load of detail! This is a 100% crop.

Adam is the guy who runs around stage screaming and shouting, and crooning melodically once in a while. He also does a mean Daron Malakian impression (and he used to have a Shavo Odadjian goatee!)

How about something more Oakley?

Camero is the relatively new bassist to a now stabilized lineup.

I was not introduced to him as Camero though – can you guess what his real name is? Hint: It sounds remarkably similiar, which is fantastic for a glamour name!

Landslyde, formerly of Poetic Ammo, is the boss. He throws a typhoon of rap!

Vin Diesel impression.

Amil is the resident shredder who puts in a healthy dose of chunky riffs, pinch harmonics and melodic solos.

I remember the days when he had a yellow star-shaped guitar (I can’t find the picture so I’m not sure if I can call it a yellow ESP LTD Random Star… but then I remember it being a Kramer.)

Manshaan backs everybody with a tight drum section.

So brutal he could double-pedal with his fingers!

Somehow he looks like the Transformers Movie Megatron here.

It was fun shooting the band since I’ve seen them for many years. Where else could I discover an excellent cover of Creeping Death by Bullet For My Valentine, if not in their car on the way to shoot outdoors, or to find Guitar Hero champions?

The outdoor and indoor band shots are here:
It’s True It’s Dragon Red

It’s True It’s Dragon Red

Last year, I had the opportunity to shoot my favorite local metal band, Dragon Red!

Although their sound is modern, I can’t call them nu-metal – there are solos, and pinch harmonics to remember Dimebag Darrell by. This is one of the few bands I would let my hair down for to headbang with (and now, I don’t need to let my hair down to headbang!)

From left to right: Amil the shredder, Camero the bassist, Adam the screamer/crooner, Slyde the rapper, Manshaan the drummer.

The light setup was simple – one F42 from left, one F58 from right, and one F58 on my A900 to trigger them both (this was before the F20 came out.)

The Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D) does admirably in the element of F8 with good light. In that sense I say it’s suitable to be a studio lens when stopped down to F8-F16.

The belt is so metal, it doubles as a lighter!

One light from above left, held by a tripod. I pulled out two JPGs from the RAW file, and merged them on the faces. Makes for a less fake HDR look.

Feeling restless? Let’s go outside.

The fire-breathing dragon did it. Really.

If there is one thing I’ve learnt from shooting bands outdoors – do it quick while the sun is hot. At 75mm F14 ISO400 I was getting a weak 1/40s at 5:32pm in the evening. I needed the 75mm to get the desired perspective, while F14 was to get everyone in focus.

EXIF data is included in all shots. More to come!

The Reason For PC Fair Congestion

More shots from the Pikom PC Fair down at KLCC Convention Center a certain 17th of April 2010!

I am not sure when it started but promoter girls started to be a mainstay of PC Fairs.

I sure don’t remember them around in the PWTC days!

You’ll see familiar faces in the circuit.

The girls in the first hall in particular are dolled up.

You could say the same for the booths too! The booths are far more spacious and seem to have some proper interior design instead of a square box, a table and a few chairs.

Interestingly, the up-and-coming products pay to be in the first hall. She promotes Kingsoft Office here.

Tzia way outside!

Tattooed HTC girl way inside!

Down at the busier halls it felt like a good old PC Fair – sandwiched crowds and price lists written with marker pens.

Of course there was always that atrium of air…

…and you get to see a fresh, regular girl-next-door.

More here:
Oh Snap!

Oh Snap!

Shots from the TT before PC Fair, 17th April 2010! I absolutely love the colors in this shot.

Zicron the organizer. -milo- took this!

Junyu the young!

Credits to whoever took the pictures because I didn’t for most of them.

The black-top Sony Alpha 550 next to the regular silver-top Sony Alpha 550. Yeah the black-top one looks better. It is sold in China through Sony officially.

EXIF is included this round if you are curious.

Circular fisheyes are best shot from above. Click image for bigger version!

Something else I have never done before. Credit to Neo for the idea. Click image for bigger version!

Bumbye Bali

Sadness enveloped us a certain 30th of April 2009.


…because it is time to go to Bumbu Bali again, and that means one thing for my company – farewells! Here’s our rocker Jason Ding leaving Sook Rong and Alice.

Okay, I really should’ve stopped down – 50mm F1.7 wasn’t going to be deep! Only Zoey is in focus. Danny in the middle was also leaving, leaving colleagues Rouk Shin and Irene behind. (Yes, behind is a double entendre – Irene is behind-most in the picture.)

Rames is ever ready for the camera.

Would be cool to have these guys in the same office. Besides being meticulous programmers, they are the few fully-literate Chinese. I start work on a big Chinese language website soon when I can’t read (or properly speak) Chinese!

Rosly shows us who is the boss.

Rear row, from left to right: Ijan our stock photo master (his face has appeared in the randomest places); Shukri the cartoonist; Zalizan the metalhead; Jason the alternative rocker.
Front row, from left to right: Rosly who now has more hair than me; Jepf the thrash metalhead; Khairi the brilliant.

Sometime 2010 we bid farewell to our colleagues who were returning to Airtime Management and Programming.

In case you’re wondering why this is familiar… Digital Five always has their farewells at Bumbu Bali, like a certain 19th of June 2008.


Death is this star.

Here are some toys from a while back, when I still bought toys. This is Darth Vader who transforms into a Death Star! My last Star Wars Transformers purchase. It got ridiculous trying to collect all of them, even the repaints! So I stopped here.

Tankor (who really should be called Octane) from Transformers Universe. I think this was the last proper Transformer I bought.

Silver Alternity Convoy. Not mine.

Ultimate Bumble Bee. Note mine.

Blokus Trigon. Endgame. Not mine. Insanely fun.

Me camwhoring with the classic 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube. Picture thanks to Jepf and his Sigma 10-20mm F4-5.6 DC.

The classic 3x3x3 Rubik’s Cube and a glue-on mod 3x3x5.

Top left: A smiley Eastsheen 5x5x5.
Bottom left: Christmas season (then.)
Top right and bottom right: YongJun 7x7x7 smileys. They both exist at the same time.

Not So New Builds

7th May 2009 – I took my Sigma 17-35mm F2.8-4 EX for a spin around the then newly-constructed office next to mine.

What lies behind the door?

They got the view. We didn’t.

Secret window. (Obviously, not with the same ultra-wide angle lens.)

Then I headed over to Bentley Music and checked out Homegrown Space! That’s my picture of Andrew Netto (second from right, top row).

It was still under construction and smelling very funky!

I loved Bentley Music’s vast space – it was that kind of feeling that made me want to buy an electric guitar back in 2001-2002.

Stairway to…

Eye On Titiwangsa

Back in 31st October 2007, my then new Sony Alpha 700, a fish-eater and me went down to Titiwangsa Lake Garden to check out the Eye On Malaysia!

Business was pretty slow on a hot Wednesday afternoon.

Here’s a de-fished image from the Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye.

The walkway to the Eye On Malaysia.

The Tamron 200-400mm F5.6 makes a rare appearance, stalking buildings at 400mm.

Another 400mm shot. Through the window I needed a lot of sharpening.

Down on the ground at 330mm.