What’s NEX? Sony’s EVIL!

This just in – another leak at a bar! This time, the supposed Sony NEX-3, a compact Interchangeable Lens Camera!

Picture taken from:

Note the top flips up to reveal an accessory connector (probably for electronic viewfinder, flash or even a supposed optical viewfinder!)

There appears to be a screw mount instead of Minolta’s classic quick-release (which is a shame). It seems that the add-on flash is fastened by tightening the knob.

The flash looks too small to be powered by AAA batteries – perhaps it will take power from the camera.

On the plus side, it has stereo microphones!

The 16mm F2.8 pancake looks a bit long. I hope this is not the case.

It looks like the mount sticks out a fair bit… so I am not so confident of it achieving the 20mm back flange distance that the Micro Four-Thirds mount has. The shorter the back flange distance, the more lenses can fit, of other mounts.

Supposing the lens filter size was 49mm (as rumored) and the width of the filter measured is 133 pixels, the maximum thickness of the camera from mount to rear is 95 pixels. This means a maximum thickness of 49mm/133*95 = 35mm.

However if I measured from the lens mount to the accessory connector’s screw I get 56 pixels, letting the flange distance be 49mm/133*56 = 20.6mm!

This is, of course, give or take parallax error.

Mounts with shorter back flange distances, can accept lenses with longer back flange distances, using an adapter without any glass, thus keeping all the image quality.

And now, for another shot from a while ago, from a future Sony Alpha 700 replacement with AVCHD video recording.

This is a future entry-level Sony Alpha also with AVCHD video recording. Yes it has a mike, and AF/MF switch on body, meaning it will still support screw-drive lenses.

This is from a trade show – note how important movie recording is on these new compact Alphas, to warrant its own button.

Meanwhile, in other mounts, I spotted this at Pikom PC Fair 2010 – the Olympus Micro Four-Thirds 9-18mm F4-5.6! Supremely compact for an ultra-wide angle. It’s no bigger than your standard 50mm F1.4!

And here’s the Samsung NX10 with the Samsung 55-200mm F4-5.6 OIS and an external flash.

The NX10 fits the Samsung 30mm F2.0 pancake better. This is a hollowed mock, though.

The Epson V300 Photo, a really affordable film scanner! This goes for under RM500.

Warga emas.

Guitar Hero 5, coming up for World Cyber Games! Are times exciting or what?

In other news, I got myself a chipped adapter for my Opteka 85mm F1.4. Thanks cjlai for installation! I had to file down the inner curve of the chip using my screwdriver’s ridged handle, as at infinity, the lens would push the chip out a bit and cause it to be unable to mount.

Ah, clearance! It now allows my 85mm to work with the A900 in Aperture Priority, and allows focus confirm, focus trap (with Focus Priority enabled) and Intelligent Preview. Sweet! The chip reports 50mm F1.4 though.

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