Five Parts Metal

And now for some mugshots of members of local metal band Dragon Red! Here is Adam.

All shots with the Sony Alpha 900 and Minolta 24-105mm F3.5-4.5(D) at ISO200, F11 – F11 and hard lights from both sides gives a heck load of detail! This is a 100% crop.

Adam is the guy who runs around stage screaming and shouting, and crooning melodically once in a while. He also does a mean Daron Malakian impression (and he used to have a Shavo Odadjian goatee!)

How about something more Oakley?

Camero is the relatively new bassist to a now stabilized lineup.

I was not introduced to him as Camero though – can you guess what his real name is? Hint: It sounds remarkably similiar, which is fantastic for a glamour name!

Landslyde, formerly of Poetic Ammo, is the boss. He throws a typhoon of rap!

Vin Diesel impression.

Amil is the resident shredder who puts in a healthy dose of chunky riffs, pinch harmonics and melodic solos.

I remember the days when he had a yellow star-shaped guitar (I can’t find the picture so I’m not sure if I can call it a yellow ESP LTD Random Star… but then I remember it being a Kramer.)

Manshaan backs everybody with a tight drum section.

So brutal he could double-pedal with his fingers!

Somehow he looks like the Transformers Movie Megatron here.

It was fun shooting the band since I’ve seen them for many years. Where else could I discover an excellent cover of Creeping Death by Bullet For My Valentine, if not in their car on the way to shoot outdoors, or to find Guitar Hero champions?

The outdoor and indoor band shots are here:
It’s True It’s Dragon Red

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