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Technical Noodling

I bought myself an MSI K7N2-L Delta motherboard with a new fancy casing. The Asus A7A 266-E motherboard smelt of petai, and it was too late. (My Princeton EO950 19″ CRT monitor also flickered and fried… again, this time out of warranty.)

I sold off my 512MB DDR333/PC2700 Kingston Value RAM stick. I now have just one piece of RAM now, but at DDR400/PC3200. Performance increase? None. 🙁 In fact, I felt a slight lag, after having 1 GB for a few days. I did intend to get another DDR400/PC3200 stick so I could do dual-channel.

I turned on the computer and wanted to benchmark it immediately, so I right-clicked MSN 6.1 in the system tray and chose Exit. I then ran 3D Mark 2001 SE. What a bummer – it was still in the 8500 range. (At least it beat the Asus motherboard’s 7500 score!)

Anyway, here are some links in its full technical glory:

Huddle up to your pillows kids!

Now the freaky part was after the benchmark. Two MSN chat windows were open!

What was even more freaky was that the windows looked funny. MSN 4.7!

The MSN icon was not in the system tray, so there was no easy way of closing it. I could chat with those two people, but if I closed their chat windows, I would not be able to talk to them.

I killed msmsgs.exe with a swift Ctrl-Shift-Esc and then clicking on Processes. I rebooted to make sure my RAM was running at 400 Mhz (it was!) and again, MSN 4.7 was still alive after closing MSN 6.1. However, when MSN 6.1 was open, MSN 4.7 wasn’t there.

So yes! If I appear to be online and not answering, it’s probably the ghost of MSN 4.7 saying I’m online.

Sign Of Approval

I spread among many the good word
And I no longer touched the ground
In ways perhaps unfairly absurd
As I felt more life in my blood
I so joyfully leapt
As if weight was trivial
To have repayment of debt
In wearing the sign of approval


There’s the headbanging buddy Syefri, and finally-linked Alda and Ledwina. Oh yes and Elena the hug monster.

(Edit 3:30am 20th January 2004: Added them to the About Me! links section…)

On another note, Vanilla coke is becoming vanillaish, literally. I love vanilla ice-cream, but this was becoming bland with the prosperity burger meal. I needed a proper Coca Cola kick. I also recently tried vanilla teh tarik at Strudels, and it too lost its magic. I need to be Jakuning on it again!

How about the futility of the Friendster bulletin board? Everyday (up till the warning) paranoid people forwarded doom messages about deleted accounts. Don’t they ever learn? ICQ had those same messages over 5 years ago.

Then there are those birthday-list forwards. You can never get everybody on one list, even if everybody participated. Some friend will post it again, but he/she may not be the friend who gave you the idea. Heck, if you see a few of those lists, you’d see that they’re not always the same. Adding your name to a list might be futile because another friend’s list might be forwarded instead. Unless, of course, someone takes the effort to compile the lists he/she receives daily, and people continuously respam every bulletin board post just so the “compilers” get it.

A linear forum is obviously better at this. Whatever happened to the relevant bulletin board postings?

New Life

I stand all alone
What a privilege it is!
Standing not sitting

Small contribution
I’m just one out of many
But all go to waste

Money could be made
Putting the cycle in place
To return pure taste

Salt lost its value
When we found another source
That was our product

The Ugly Mask. Boo.

I find it so ironic now.

There is just no interest. Well it’s about time the tables turned!

For once, I know what it’s like to not like. In that way. I see the challenge.

She doesn’t get it. What’s worse is that putting an ugly mask just for her doesn’t work. Many wise people have said that love is about accepting flaws. Haha.

What’s worse now is that these “flaws” are now real, in believable commentary. I have made bad PR for myself by beating around the bush.

Sadly, the problem is not that what I want you do not have; what I want, you do not want!

Why does she have to be amusing?

Which Powerpuff Girl Are You?

You resemble the leader of the pack Blossom!

Find out which Powerpuff Girl are you!

Yes, I don’t usually post survey/quiz results, but I had to make an exception after coding it. 🙂 Uh, I didn’t write the content of the quiz though… Davina did. After watching the end part of the movie at the office, I then realized where she got all those cartoonish expressions from!

Pardon the sloppy image, as I didn’t have time to do all that fancy Photoshopping. Heck, the quiz isn’t even public to Xfreshers yet.

I don’t watch Powerpuff Girls, so tell me if the images are mismatched or something.

It Is I

It moves to express emotion
Its complement brings to it perception
Nice to see but not to contact
Covered when dormant, it does not retract
Imperfection calls for transparency
Beautiful in white but ugly in a red sea
Point one way to capture a semisphere
As it enlarges in the darkness that we fear


I believe in Jakunism.

Jakun. A person who is easily and overly impressed with something, as if he or she has never seen it before.

Jakunism. The act of being a Jakun.

Ooo! Look! A Nokia 6100! Wah! Color screen! Can change the color schemes somemore!” – me, looking at Dide‘s mobile phone.

The secret to happiness is in Jakunism. Live life in awe, in wonder! For example, it has been over 10 days that I have had Streamyx, Malaysia’s cutting edge blazing fast consumer end broadband solution! Everytime I go online, I go “wah damn fast lah!” No, really! Paul may be having problems, but I have none!

Same applies for the new things hitting Malaysia. Vanilla Coke. McDonalds becomes a luxury now.

5 sen and one sen coins! As of the 5% government tax, we are going to start collecting those little pocket-weighteners.

Edited at 1:00am, 5th January 2004, +0800GMT: Gamespy’s Half-Life 2 preview is another whoa. Tractor beams in the Havok engine, anyone?

I am happy.

Oh yes Crappo is the true Einstein. Not I. He knows the connection between By The Way and Universally Speaking (Red Hot Chili Peppers music videos).

The Coin Collector

Got on the PUTRA LRT to Masjid Jamek, to change over at STAR LRT to get onto Hang Tuah. Yeah, I was guessing the monorail would be crowded, so this would have been a safe choice. I met my friends at Fish & Co, Lot 10. Promotional menu? RM35.90 for a set meal. What could we order outside the menu? Nothing! (So much for promotion…) It was too late as we had our Sprite/Coke drinks already.

I then walked to KLCC to meet Jasmine and gang at KLCC at 10pm. I overshot the Wisma UOA turning, seeing Warp Disco as an unpleasant surprise! Ah well. I continued on Sultan Ismail, and walked around KLCC trying to get in. Nobody could come in. I found a car park exit, and it led me to Burger King, where both escalators were going downwards! I bumped into Jasmine’s gang… minus her. Alas, stuck on the LRT she was!

Her gang headed to Bintang Walk anyway. I stayed behind and met up with Ed and Milee first. Then only did I manage to get through to Jasmine, who was already on the way to Bintang Walk with Trent the stick-wielding guardian. (Yay!) And so I walked back to Bintang Walk, to rendezvous with them at Haagen Dazs.

People were spraying foam all over. Foam and some other substance which wasn’t exactly foamy. What would become of the ozone?

The fireworks came, but nobody really knew when the countdown was over, until the fireworks took on an extended orchestra.


Somebody remind me what’s the point of going all the way there if we’re just gonna see fireworks. What about drunken stupors and crazy escapades?

Jasmine, Trent and I walked back to KLCC. As we reached Eden Restaurant, her gang called! And so, we went back to Haagen Dazs for the grand rendezvous. Except, of course, that many were at many different spots between KLCC and Bintang Walk.

I wonder how far you could go on Bangsar.

Finally, Ed, Milee and I took the exodus to KLCC, as we saw many foamed cars. They went off into the car park, as I walked to Ampang Park LRT. My pride, my Touch N Go, didn’t work! I had to queue like everyone else.

The train that came was empty, and we cheered and mobbed in, just like last year. Aunties included. KLCC further sardine-packed us, and it wasn’t till Pasar Seni that we got much breathing space. Syefri then picked me up from Bangsar, and we crashed at Led’s.

Morning came, and I walked to Bangsar LRT. At Masjid Jamek, I was thirsty, so I went to McDonalds to see if they would charge 5% government tax. They did, indeed, and the Vanilla Coke was unsettling! It kept me awake in the bus, as for once, it wasn’t a wonderful complement to a double cheeseburger. (Plus I was thirsty! Shouldn’t it taste better?)

My life stories are becoming boring.