The Ugly Mask. Boo.

I find it so ironic now.

There is just no interest. Well it’s about time the tables turned!

For once, I know what it’s like to not like. In that way. I see the challenge.

She doesn’t get it. What’s worse is that putting an ugly mask just for her doesn’t work. Many wise people have said that love is about accepting flaws. Haha.

What’s worse now is that these “flaws” are now real, in believable commentary. I have made bad PR for myself by beating around the bush.

Sadly, the problem is not that what I want you do not have; what I want, you do not want!

Why does she have to be amusing?

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  1. Albert Ng Post author

    It is not about me loving and not loving anymore.

    It is about me liking someone, but irritating her.

    When I said the tables turned, that meant that I understood how she felt when I irritated her. Somebody ELSE liked me but she irritated me like heck. She’s fine by looks by my books, as I am picky, but it’s just her closed open-mindedness. (Hence second last line.) To scare her off I scold her and act all grumpy. Now she goes around telling people I’m grumpy.

    Now this has elements of a good whodunnit too – I throw in another girl’s story. She’s amusing but yes, I am picky. 😛

    Then again, I may just be perasan.


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