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I bought myself an MSI K7N2-L Delta motherboard with a new fancy casing. The Asus A7A 266-E motherboard smelt of petai, and it was too late. (My Princeton EO950 19″ CRT monitor also flickered and fried… again, this time out of warranty.)

I sold off my 512MB DDR333/PC2700 Kingston Value RAM stick. I now have just one piece of RAM now, but at DDR400/PC3200. Performance increase? None. 🙁 In fact, I felt a slight lag, after having 1 GB for a few days. I did intend to get another DDR400/PC3200 stick so I could do dual-channel.

I turned on the computer and wanted to benchmark it immediately, so I right-clicked MSN 6.1 in the system tray and chose Exit. I then ran 3D Mark 2001 SE. What a bummer – it was still in the 8500 range. (At least it beat the Asus motherboard’s 7500 score!)

Anyway, here are some links in its full technical glory:

Huddle up to your pillows kids!

Now the freaky part was after the benchmark. Two MSN chat windows were open!

What was even more freaky was that the windows looked funny. MSN 4.7!

The MSN icon was not in the system tray, so there was no easy way of closing it. I could chat with those two people, but if I closed their chat windows, I would not be able to talk to them.

I killed msmsgs.exe with a swift Ctrl-Shift-Esc and then clicking on Processes. I rebooted to make sure my RAM was running at 400 Mhz (it was!) and again, MSN 4.7 was still alive after closing MSN 6.1. However, when MSN 6.1 was open, MSN 4.7 wasn’t there.

So yes! If I appear to be online and not answering, it’s probably the ghost of MSN 4.7 saying I’m online.

7 thoughts on “Technical Noodling

  1. Chibster Post author

    Yeah, I don’t understand much of them computer terms either. What did you do until you fried the monitor la..?? I don’t think there’s any storm around KL. Use double anti-lightning surge, or triple…like I do. Plug->triple-plus->Everpower Powerbox hehehe… Guarenteed long life in computers…!

    Heck, it happens. Them free progs are always screwed one way or another.

  2. yunner Post author

    yala..i don’t understand any of that computer stuff la. btw, back in Malaysia and hmm..Malaysia is a pretty cool country!

  3. Edrei Post author

    Edit your services and delete your windows messanger for the love of God. It’s a parasite sent from hell.

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique Post author

    Yo Ed! In his case, it’s NOT the Messenger service thingy that gives out the annoying pop-up on your desktop but rather the MSN Messenger dubbed as Windows Messenger 4.7. Blame M$ for adding to the confusion with their naming scheme!

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