Thinking Inside The Cube

Thanks Ed for sending me these!

A smiley Rubik’s Cube. (Obviously, shooting with a 50mm at F1.4 won’t have enough depth-of-field.)

Properly done. (It’s as easy as a 3x3x3; just watch out for the center face alignment.)

Thanks also for the Rubik’s World! (I have trouble with the parity of the last two corners, as with all even-numbered-divisor cubes.)

Tumpang glamor.

Yes, I’ve figured this out! How?

I cheated by examining before jumbling it up; noted that if you spin it on one of the axises, all the numbers on the sides are the right way up. Based on this discovery, I positioned the corners.

I then checked with the pictures I took, and yay my corners were correct!

The edges were designed in such a way you’d know if they belonged to the top or bottom face, or on the middle layer (if they were both facing up or down) and then through simple Sudoku rules, I could tell where they went.

I then did non-destructive edge flips where needed. I’d then be left with middle faces that weren’t aligned. I’d put a correctly aligned middle face downwards. To correct misaligned middle faces on the middle layer, I’d pull out the edge cube below it, put in another edge cube, and finally return the original edge cube such that the middle face is aligned. After aligning all middle faces, the top face would be aligned automatically.

The top layer would have misaligned edges, so non-destructive edge swaps and non-destructive edge flips would solve the cube.

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4 thoughts on “Thinking Inside The Cube

  1. Edrei Post author

    Haha, I was wondering whether you received the last present. At least you looked at it before solving the Sudoku Cube. I had to manually figure it out and boy that took a while and a lot of paperwork.

  2. Janice Post author

    Hey! I used to play these when i was young! Well, mine was those basic ones, I remember having a triangular one as well.I’m not really good at this although I think it’s kind of fun and it’s a good

  3. Waifon Post author

    It’ll take me 6 generations to finish one side of the rubik’s cube T______T. but the black and white cube is way tooo cool dengan your angle semua2 tuh.

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