I believe in Jakunism.

Jakun. A person who is easily and overly impressed with something, as if he or she has never seen it before.

Jakunism. The act of being a Jakun.

Ooo! Look! A Nokia 6100! Wah! Color screen! Can change the color schemes somemore!” – me, looking at Dide‘s mobile phone.

The secret to happiness is in Jakunism. Live life in awe, in wonder! For example, it has been over 10 days that I have had Streamyx, Malaysia’s cutting edge blazing fast consumer end broadband solution! Everytime I go online, I go “wah damn fast lah!” No, really! Paul may be having problems, but I have none!

Same applies for the new things hitting Malaysia. Vanilla Coke. McDonalds becomes a luxury now.

5 sen and one sen coins! As of the 5% government tax, we are going to start collecting those little pocket-weighteners.

Edited at 1:00am, 5th January 2004, +0800GMT: Gamespy’s Half-Life 2 preview is another whoa. Tractor beams in the Havok engine, anyone?

I am happy.

Oh yes Crappo is the true Einstein. Not I. He knows the connection between By The Way and Universally Speaking (Red Hot Chili Peppers music videos).

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