There’s the headbanging buddy Syefri, and finally-linked Alda and Ledwina. Oh yes and Elena the hug monster.

(Edit 3:30am 20th January 2004: Added them to the About Me! links section…)

On another note, Vanilla coke is becoming vanillaish, literally. I love vanilla ice-cream, but this was becoming bland with the prosperity burger meal. I needed a proper Coca Cola kick. I also recently tried vanilla teh tarik at Strudels, and it too lost its magic. I need to be Jakuning on it again!

How about the futility of the Friendster bulletin board? Everyday (up till the warning) paranoid people forwarded doom messages about deleted accounts. Don’t they ever learn? ICQ had those same messages over 5 years ago.

Then there are those birthday-list forwards. You can never get everybody on one list, even if everybody participated. Some friend will post it again, but he/she may not be the friend who gave you the idea. Heck, if you see a few of those lists, you’d see that they’re not always the same. Adding your name to a list might be futile because another friend’s list might be forwarded instead. Unless, of course, someone takes the effort to compile the lists he/she receives daily, and people continuously respam every bulletin board post just so the “compilers” get it.

A linear forum is obviously better at this. Whatever happened to the relevant bulletin board postings?

8 thoughts on “Connectivity

  1. dJcarmen Post author last u’ve already linked me!! i’ve nearly thought of killing u really soon..but i guess i dont need to any longer :P!! j/k ler!! thanx dude 😛

  2. hanna Post author

    and i told you Vanilla coke is sick!
    NOTHING can beat the original coca-cola!

  3. Ant Post author

    Vanilla Teh Tarik? :s That sounds so wrong…

    Drink vanilla coke once in a while only. Then only you’ll crave for it.

    Anyway, I prefer Pepsi :p

  4. yunmei Post author

    I shall writemy comment in Engrish
    ` I oo poorayfa coca cora. Vanira
    coku izu noto so baado butto I chink ito izu aa rittaru furato.

    Translation:I prefer Coca Cola. Vanilla coke is not so bad but I think it`s a little flat


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