Bumbye Bali

Sadness enveloped us a certain 30th of April 2009.


…because it is time to go to Bumbu Bali again, and that means one thing for my company – farewells! Here’s our rocker Jason Ding leaving Sook Rong and Alice.

Okay, I really should’ve stopped down – 50mm F1.7 wasn’t going to be deep! Only Zoey is in focus. Danny in the middle was also leaving, leaving colleagues Rouk Shin and Irene behind. (Yes, behind is a double entendre – Irene is behind-most in the picture.)

Rames is ever ready for the camera.

Would be cool to have these guys in the same office. Besides being meticulous programmers, they are the few fully-literate Chinese. I start work on a big Chinese language website soon when I can’t read (or properly speak) Chinese!

Rosly shows us who is the boss.

Rear row, from left to right: Ijan our stock photo master (his face has appeared in the randomest places); Shukri the cartoonist; Zalizan the metalhead; Jason the alternative rocker.
Front row, from left to right: Rosly who now has more hair than me; Jepf the thrash metalhead; Khairi the brilliant.

Sometime 2010 we bid farewell to our colleagues who were returning to Airtime Management and Programming.

In case you’re wondering why this is familiar… Digital Five always has their farewells at Bumbu Bali, like a certain 19th of June 2008.

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