Oh Snap!

Shots from the TT before PC Fair, 17th April 2010! I absolutely love the colors in this shot.

Zicron the organizer. -milo- took this!

Junyu the young!

Credits to whoever took the pictures because I didn’t for most of them.

The black-top Sony Alpha 550 next to the regular silver-top Sony Alpha 550. Yeah the black-top one looks better. It is sold in China through Sony officially.

EXIF is included this round if you are curious.

Circular fisheyes are best shot from above. Click image for bigger version!

Something else I have never done before. Credit to Neo for the idea. Click image for bigger version!

5 thoughts on “Oh Snap!

  1. Junyu Post author

    Hey albert, can you link my website and not the blog one? thanks in advance.
    and is there anyway to get the picture from you? Wanna use as my new dp 😀

  2. Junyu Post author

    oh nevermind, I’ll just save it from here. Will credit you for the camera and neo_lam for taking it 😀


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