The Reason For PC Fair Congestion

More shots from the Pikom PC Fair down at KLCC Convention Center a certain 17th of April 2010!

I am not sure when it started but promoter girls started to be a mainstay of PC Fairs.

I sure don’t remember them around in the PWTC days!

You’ll see familiar faces in the circuit.

The girls in the first hall in particular are dolled up.

You could say the same for the booths too! The booths are far more spacious and seem to have some proper interior design instead of a square box, a table and a few chairs.

Interestingly, the up-and-coming products pay to be in the first hall. She promotes Kingsoft Office here.

Tzia way outside!

Tattooed HTC girl way inside!

Down at the busier halls it felt like a good old PC Fair – sandwiched crowds and price lists written with marker pens.

Of course there was always that atrium of air…

…and you get to see a fresh, regular girl-next-door.

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