More Evilness!

I was evil before, with an example – click here!

I am evil again, and this time the story will be told in a sonnet!

I’m evil, sadistic – stopped teen lovebirds
The guy couldn’t get change to take my bus
She beckoned; “I can’t” were his gestured words
She waved bye like it was an exodus
Like a train leaving for a far country
She was sweet, innocent, pimpled, blemished
She sadly rubbed her eyes repeatedly
“I love you” she mouthed, on the glass she smudged
Her eyes grew watery, and soon formed tears
For it was between small change they were torn
The bus starts moving, much to their worst fears
He cried too, that they’re not together on
The bus that he can’t take to whereever
My coins attract a metal detector

(Edited note: Nearing 9 AM, the next day, I saw this couple walking towards my college. I got on the lift with them and they were whispering among themselves whether I was familiar and if so should they whack me up!)

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