Superhero Sonnet

I’d play with the web during my missions
I’d swing about, you’d be my Mary Jane
I’d hear faraway sounds and see visions
But only the green gem drives me insane
I lost my vision but it did not hurt
Senses are at a different level
I’d lose my temper as well as my shirt
And veins would vasculate through my muscle
I’d emerge from the cave in which I stayed
For some bright light in the sky called for me
My eyes would shoot a brilliant spread of red
When I cleared obstacles in my path free
I have superpowers when I have you
Thanks for saving me from the real world too

2 thoughts on “Superhero Sonnet

  1. redcarbon Post author

    was that brilliant spread of red from the eye the x-ray vision?

    u dedicating the poem to the genetically created spider ah?

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I’m implying that drugs make you feel superhuman.

    Nope, in order, Spiderman, Superman, Daredevil (movie coming up), The Hulk (also has a movie coming up), Batman, and Cyclops.


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