Flash Floods

I was stuck in a two hour jam on the company bus from ASTRO to KL for two hours, when it should usually take 20 minutes. The occasion? Flash floods. Yes, the famed millions-of-Ringgit-in-damage one. Ouch.

Fortunately, where the bus was, was higher ground. Though the traffic took one hour to go from one junction of a road to another, and half an hour to turn a corner, I wasn’t faring too badly what with my credit-busting mobile phone in hand. The bus air-conditioner was ambiently coating me in frost, to that I wish I had gloves to type messages with, instead of having to sit on my hands between sentences.

Yes, sitting on your hands is a lot more effective than leaning on them; the lipase on your gluteus maximus fills in the gaps in your fingers. Make sure the palm faces your body, not the other way round! That way, if you have varicose-like veins on the outer side of your palms, you won’t give yourself pins and needles.

I heard that the Masjid Jamek LRT station was closed or something from my mom. Fortunately, the LRT stops I was going to were all above ground. What a pity though… if my mom wasn’t waiting for me at the Bangsar LRT station, I would have been the nosy busybody Malaysian who would go to Masjid Jamek just to see the hooha.

The next day I saw the papers. Tragic, yes! Cool in a way, too, because I was sorta there, and sorta affected. People drowning, cars submerged, basement parking lots flushed? Not cool.

Of course I was still very busybody and so I strolled around the place depicted in the photograph, namely the Masjid Jamek LRT area. There was sand everywhere… the last time it happened I christened it Pantai Jamek (or Jamek Beach.) The metal bridges above the muddy rivers were full of debris, like dead grass, wooden planks, a car seat, and a motorcycle helmet. I told this to a female friend, to which she said only guys would do these kind of things. Well, I didn’t like poke the car seat to see if it was still wet. 😛

Even cooler (but yes, tragic) was when I walked past the underground McDonalds. The counters and a few seats are at ground level, with the other seats all at a lower level. It was dark, with a rubber hose running out to the drain, as an employee walked barefoot. How was business? What business? Perhaps they would have hope in being a take-away joint… 🙂

Today was no better. I read about the local thespian hangout, The Actors Studio being submerged in the carpark. Not like I was going to watch a show there anytime soon, but it still felt painful. Also, could submerged cars still work after the water is gone?

I wonder more than ever if I should get an umbrella.

2 thoughts on “Flash Floods

  1. Jimmy Post author

    Ngehehe.. I was there. In Masjid Jamek at that time. Was just about to go back to Kelana Jaya Station from Bukit Jalil APIIT.

    Aih. The other day, i went to the McDees in MJ. yeah. closed down for good.

  2. dJcs Post author

    and i was at the actors’ studio box in dataran merdeka not too long ago. hope they’ll move someplace else really.


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