The Filler Routine Update

I’m gonna try a commentary of the day’s events, as filler till I have something really interesting to blog about.

Last Saturday, I went down to my old school, SMK Sultan Abdul Samad PJ (yes, believe it or not, that gangster school). It was Family Day. I hoped to bump into some old schoolmates but alas, I found only two; Ayman and Edwin. A look around found many double-dotters. Mmmm. Especially one gothic chick with hazel-eyed innocence. They probably were from other schools anyway. 🙁 My schoolmates were never supportive enough of our own events!

I then went over to Midvalley at noon. I met up with ex-colleagues from Xfresh for my free lunch at Chili’s. Surprised I was to see classic fong-fei-kei-er Nadia and her concierge, Jay.

6 left the gathering, leaving just Patrick and I to watch Charlie’s Angels 2: Full Throttle. Action-packed, yes! At times it seemed like the Angels had superb air control. It was like they were able to swim through air, escaping explosions and landing on flying motorbikes! It seems their bulletproof vests can also block wall-penentrating Desert Eagle bullets shot by that renegade Angel played by Demi Moore. Cast all illogicalness aside; I was hooked since Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire played during the Mongolian escape, and Dylan would wear AC/DC and Judas Priest shirts while headbanging to Bon Jovi. Natalie (played by Cameron Diaz) has the most irritatingly bimbo expressions but is also the fact-laden scientist. Yep, I enjoyed it. I wasn’t blur even though I hadn’t seen the first movie. 🙂

By then I was having a flu-induced headache, but I went on to Maju Junction at night to play British pool or whatever you call those downsized tables with multicolored balls on them. It was way cheaper, at RM3 per game. The white ball was either bigger or smaller than the other balls, and it was the only ball to come back out if it fell into any of the holes. Coolness!

How about Sunday?

I slept the whole day. I woke up for dinner to find out that the continuation to the cliffhanger series Smallville was delayed! Dangit. The channel TV3 was showing their 19th anniversary celebration instead. Gee, isn’t it more auspicious being celebrated on the 20th? Now I’ll won’t know whether Clark gets Lana the babe till next Sunday! 🙁

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  1. yunmei Post author

    your dot masterplan is currently MY dot masterplan too. been utilizing it haha. thanks albert 😛

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I don’t like the fact that I don’t understand any of it… I’m not into Japanese culture.

  3. Aaaa Post author

    ok…i was just searching articles on my school…yes…smk sas…and i read ur post…just to correct u…sas is not a gangster school…maybe it was during your time…but now its not.


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