Geek Speak

The status symbol of a geek; what defines a geek has been defiled. By who? Quake players with a penchant for 1337-5P341<. Well, they invented it anyway.

1337-5P341< does not make you a geek! A geek is identified by superior English strung together with bombastic words that evoke the response, "Speak English please." That, my friends, is a true geek. Not a wannabe who replaces letters with words and go "1337 h4x0R m3 0wnz 411 Y0U12 13453 4123 13310N6 +0 U5!" A geek is not comprehendable already using words you find in the dictionary.

I’m fine with 1337-5P341<; just don't use that as an excuse to glorify yourself as a geek. There were geeks before John Carmack made MDL files commonplace.

It’s time to ask yourself this, people. Are you a geek?

I could quantify the speaker of this supposed sentence as a member of such a class with enough eloquent proof to indicate without any uncertainty that the premise of yours truly being the subject matter is a tautology.

10 thoughts on “Geek Speak

  1. lionel Post author

    8U7 |V07 Q!73 1!|&lt;3 j00. 1^^ ^^84|24553|) 70 54j 7#47 ! |)0|V0 VV47 7#4 #311 ^^|)4 |=!135 |2. 87VV, 13375P33|&lt; !5 50 01|).

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    I suck at the railgun. 🙁 I’m only good with rocket launchers and such. And um the MDL file is a 3D model format for Quake 1…

  3. the fudger Post author

    To me, a geek is a person who doesnt know anything else outside his or her own little world . . . not someone who happens to have an extensive vocabulary. Think about it!

  4. lionel Post author

    a geek is more of a know-it-all, not frog-under-coconut-shell (i think the word for it is dweeb). there’s a lot of misunderstanding about the meaning of the word geek. there are really lots of kinds: other than the usual science geeks, computer geeks and literary geeks, there are music geeks, movie geeks, even sports geeks (may or may not actually play sports, just know everything about sports or a particular sport. may also be walking scores/statistics databases for a sport).

  5. lionel Post author

    with that said (prev comment), you may probably realize you’re a geek of some sort without even knowing it..


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