Script Burgers

I was telling Dinesh (unlinked dude whose website is a 404) that I was teaching ASP at KFC. He asked if they were coming up with an ASP burger, to that which we started talking crap. The gist of it were two products:

The Active Server Pages (ASP) burger, championed by Microsoft: It’s not as big as KFC’s XXL burger (heck, the XXL burger is small!) but it gives you a bloated feeling. It’s also full of bugs and makes you feel insecure.

The Hypertext Processor (PHP) burger, championed by all that is free and good, e.g. Linux: It’s smaller but packs a punch with its penguin meat. Of course, being under the GNU General Public License, it means that the burger is given free. The recipe is also available to the public, and anybody who modifies the recipe must share it with the world.

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