Free! For A While

My final exam for this semester ended today, and boy was a 40-minute piece of cake. I don’t usually feel this good about exams (since they’re usually a lot harder…)

What’s worse is my next semester; it’s all part-time-timed classes. I have no evenings left! I shall savor the limited days ahead with no fear of coronaviruses or falling nukes!

Anyway, I’ve linked Scopolamine in my About Me! page. This guy has a rather funny way of describing his day-to-day events. That’s the way people should blog about their otherwise boring lives, y’hear? Go, then! (No, not leave, click on Scopolamine!)

Please comment if you feel deprived of such link pimpage. 😛

It also seems that I am never free. Something always has to happen when I’m sick, busy studying for exams (that is a rather short timeframe, but it happened), or whenever I am not free to eradicate the otherworldly scum off the face of the planet. Why oh why?

Tomorrow, my friends. Tomorrow the world will be a happy place again.

7 thoughts on “Free! For A While

  1. Jimmy Post author

    Am i funny or waht..

    Hei. Thanks. Adding me into your linkage does make me love you more. Although i’m a guy. And yes. You are a Guy too. But this Guy guy all guys environment does make me feels gay.

  2. Jimmy Post author

    I’ll have your site link to mine as soon as i finish getting everyones permission to do link exchenge. I’ll upload it all at once.

    Appreaciate it. Thanks.

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Did I mention that I work as an ASP coder for abovesaid domain (no, not Brinkster, Xfresh lah!)

    I recycled my blog code for the site, too.


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