Cutting Age

Majorly delayed but here goes:

I got a haircut at the regular Indian barber shop.

What makes it so worthy of a blog entry?
I was charged 10 Ringgit Malaysia.

So? Isn’t that the regular price?
For an adult haircut, that is! Yes, I have been charged RM9 every other time! Finally, acknowledgement for my mature look. He even did a quick shave near my jawline, threw in some yellow lotion at the back, and he took a towel and cracked my head left and right!

Oh yeah, I felt like a man.

I walked out looking like a boy again.

11 thoughts on “Cutting Age

  1. irma Post author

    Oh they grow up so fast… *sniff* *sniff*… My little Albert’s now a MAN! I still remember you when you were still *gestures* THIS high…

  2. uneeq Post author

    i still remember the first day i met you, you were all cute and cuddly-wuddly, and now…you’re all grown up. *sob* proud of you buddy. =) *sob sob*

  3. gianne! Post author

    sigh, one extra dollar to break your neck… heheh. stop going on the quest of trying to be a man! haumph, guy’s haircuts are always cheaper… mine’s 16, and no neck-cracking, i’ll prolly freak

  4. Dark One aka Silent One Post author

    looking like a bo again, lol… i know exactly how that feels. Did you say, “Mamak, potong macam skeolah punya ar

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