Laundry presents the Moonshine 8th Anniversary Music Marathon

17th November 2013: Laundry presents the Moonshine 8th Anniversary Music Marathon at Laundry Bar, The Curve, with an interesting permutation – it was on a Saturday! Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Bassment Syndicate, neo funk soul.

Not sure what that can is about.

Emperor Obvious, post-hardcore, more instrumental.

Intan sells Urbanscapes tickets with a smile. Buy my tickets!

Darren Ashley

…and the band, known as Dash.

Anna Chong, conjurer of emotions.

Liyana Fizi!

Some band members.

Reza Salleh in trio format.

Music to dance to.

Platform 11. Yes, a bow on an electric guitar!

Not just any electric guitar, but the Dean Far Beyond Driven Dimebag Tribute ML.

Asmidar, teleporting you to the jungle and nature.

Paladin, cello band, covered Deep Purple – Highway Star

…and Search – Fantasia Bulan Madu, a personal favorite of mine, and certainly Amy Search, who was in the crowd! They beckoned him to come on stage and sing…

…and he did!

Andai dipisah
Laut dan pantai
Musnahlah ilham
Hilang pedoman

Andai dipisah
Cahaya dan bulan
Gelap gelita
Punah asmara

Such epicness.

Diandra Arjunaidi.

Amazing guitarist!

In case you’re wondering, the event took place on two stages – as a band performed on one stage, the next band set up on the other stage, to minimize delays. The crowd then shuffled back and forth. Hence the differing colors of stage lighting.

Ryan The Red.

Quirky Qwerty and their quirky song with flash cards!

Always nice to see a band with a theme!

Arabyrd & Sona One. This is Arabyrd.

A member of the crowd joined her to boogie down.

I went for a quick toilet break, and when I got back, I missed Sona One. This distresses me somewhat. I also knew him from many years ago so it would’ve been nice to bump into him again!

Pastel Lite, electronica!

Eff the effective entertainer, with in-between-song banter that amuses.

Tempered Mental. If somebody asked me to point out a local rock band that would be impressive, I would not be able to go wrong with them. The technicality of progressive metal squeezed into a rock sound makes for good headbanging.

The local headbangers would be all here for Love Me Butch!

Syahrul screams with such presence.

He commands the crowd.

Tenderfist is tender electronica.

DJ Bunga of Twilight Action Girl ended the night.

Outside, after the show, Nish Tham showed us her steel drum/steel pan. Interesting how the layout goes anti-clockwise in the circle of fifths, with each inner circle being one octave higher.

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