Moonshine: Upcoming / December Edition

12th December 2013: Moonshine: Upcoming / December Edition at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s Jon Liddell.

This reminds me of a famous picture of a singer with a guitar. I can’t figure out who.

Kevin Theseira, emcee!

Ryota Katayama!

Sulyn Ooi on keyboard.

Eu Gene on bass.

Eng Hooi on drums and sound effects.

I love it when the lighting is balanced like so.

Next, a band I hadn’t seen in a while: Free To Fall!

A bunch of girls from Klang…

…who rock out.

Anecdotally, they’d been around for a really long time.

A Warwick Rock Bass I don’t see often.

Minor changes to the lineup involve Jane Sebastian being the lead vocalist instead of Jane Chong. I imagine less confusion when someone hollers “Jane!”

To end the night…


AG Coco’s Pedaltrain has everything. You just want to get on that train.

And now, for some random headshots…

…because I found I liked them more than the full-body shots.

This also reminds me of a famous picture. Not sure who.

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