Moonshine: Spotlight / November 2013

28th November 2013: Moonshine: Spotlight / November 2013 at Laundry Bar, The Curve.

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer introduces the first act…

Reza Salleh!

His band of merry m… women.

Some new songs of a more acoustic laid-back nature!

In the audience area, they beckoned to me to photograph. This is what happened.

Next, The Impatient Sisters.

Irena/Kina Taib on guitar and vocals.

Soraya Taib on vocals.

Nazeera Taib on vocals.

Backing band of merry men!

Despite the color cast on her hair, she was not the green power ranger of the group.


Tempered Mental!

Jack is a powerhouse of riffage and guitar solos.

Jimmy holds the groove and locks it all down in his cap.

Melina has that yearning voice over progressive metal-fused rock.

Anyway, time for some tapping.

Bass double-tapping!

Electronica, with the boys of Enterprise.

Another singing bassist!

Key to the sound? Keys.

Electronic drum pad, I think.

The strap fell off, and Faliq of Pastel Lite (a fellow electronica band) came to the rescue!

Yay good lighting!

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