Weird Bus Ride

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There’s these two 40-something middle class Indians guys sitting opposite me on the bus. Guy A’s hand was on Guy B’s inner thigh as he talked loudly on his mobile phone. Then Guy B put his hand on Guy A’s hand! They looked pretty straight to me but what was weirder was that Guy A had some brown puke on his shirt. He then puked on the entrance stairs! This lady facing them got off, but stupidly, on the same stairs. I moved to the far back end of the bus. Guy B borrowed a pail of water from a petrol station to wash it off.

Guy A later made waterfall sounds, but his back was towards me so I was relieved I didn’t see it. Guy B was standing, watching over, and beckoning the passengers to come and see the show! I was thinking of getting off and getting a cab, but luckily the couple got off soon. As the bus drove off into the sunset (okay, so sunset was 3 hours ago) the couple walked behind, hand in hand. Quite straight, I might add; they didn’t look drunk at all.

Very weird indeed. Even weirder is the reaction of one old Chinese guy who went over to stare at it, like it was a grotesque accident. He’s probably going to remember “8565” and buy the numbers at the local 4D gambling parlor. If they went for a drink, why did they go back at 2215 hours? Also, they hardly looked like they would be touchy-feely. They also looked educated enough to know if it was considerate to get off the bus and find a drain!

Now don’t take this as a racist sentiment – there was once a Chinese lady behind me who barfed into her plastic bag. At least she got off soon.

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