Am I Depressed?

I was getting on the STAR LRT at around 9:10am from the Masjid Jamek station to go to Bukit Jalil, where my office, the fishtank, was. As usual, I would walk towards the door with the young attractive females, as a train ride would be boring staring blankly at old people. I sat near the front of the cab, where opposite me was a quite pretty, fair and not too skinny Chinese girl.

I leaned my head forward against the side wall, hugging my bag, as I rocked to Black Sabbath blasting in my ears, scratching my blackheads, while my eyes flitted between looking outside, looking at the collected rain fall down the front window, and looking at the girl.

This continued until the train reached Chan Sow Lin, to which the girl stood up, facing me, and took out a leaflet with three Chinese characters on it. In puzzlement, I took off my earphones.

She: Excuse me, can you read Chinese? (In English, mind you…)
Me: No…

She then flipped through her photograph book and took out another leaflet, with a sunrise/sunset background (much like those condom packages.) There, printed, were three words that I forgot, except the last word, “depressed“.

She: Hey you can have this.
Me: Huh? I’m not depressed…

She then got off the train.

Now that I think of it, I sounded slightly defensive with the last sentence. Of course, I wasn’t feeling depressed. I regret not taking the leaflet; imagine how much better this story would have been if I could show you the leaflet!

Yes, I felt touched by an angel. 🙂

Now, the questions arise!

1) Do I look depressed?
2) Why did she get on my train and not the next one (since she’s obviously going towards Ampang, not Sri Petaling…)
3) Should I have took the leaflet and broke down, just to get her to stay on the train and listen to sad stories that I would make up so maybe she’d hug me and tell me “it’s gonna be alright”, making a new friend in the process? Oh, and for further counselling, I’d need a number! (Oh wait, I think I know the answer to this question… 🙁 Darn, wasted oppurtunity!)
4) Why did she ask if I could read Chinese in English and not Chinese?
5) How did she know that I couldn’t read or speak Chinese?
6) Does Black Sabbath sound depressing to you?
7) What was she doing with a photograph book full of leaflets?

14 thoughts on “Am I Depressed?

  1. justine Post author

    she obviously asked you whether you could read chinese in english cos.. she needed help to read it. And yes you should have done something like cry or scream to get her to stay.
    And she’s probably a foundation art student, hence all the leaflets.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Tiara, where can I get myself declared clinically depressed? 🙂

    Sounds like a good pickup line for gothic girls. Not like I know any. 🙁

    Justine, your perception simply amazes me. Really! She probably recycled some Durex background to attract people.

    Then again, why did she ask me to read something she may very well have printed?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Gah! I shall not miss such oppurtunity the next time! And when that happens, I shall write again!

  4. Tiara Post author

    Gee, more interesting possibilities on Mysterios Leaflet Girl.

    Albert – trust me, you DO NOT want to be declared clinically depressed. Medication sucks, no one treats you right, everyone thinks you’re psychotic. I’m not sure which is more depressing – being clinically depressed, or everyone else’s reaction to it.

    It’s the loneliest thing you’ll ever know.

  5. es Post author

    haha… you should’ve taken that leaflet. she’s either picking on you or she’s just being nice

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