The Scott Weiland Tribute Show @ BullsEye KL

9th January 2016: The Scott Weiland Tribute Show @ BullsEye KL.

First up: Djezna’s Stalker.

Jug pimps their album hilariously. He also does stand-up comedy!

They did covers of Velvet Revolver’s She Builds Quick Machines and Come On Come In.

Next up…

Revolution Kingdom.

They covered Pearl Jam – Alive. Wait, what? Well it was always said early on that Stone Temple Pilots sounded like a Pearl Jam ripoff. It was coincidental though, having come from the same vocal inspiration – Jim Morrison of The Doors.

Fortunately, they went on to cover Velvet Revolver stuff like Slither and Dirty Little Thing.

Next up was Ajantaro!

They covered Velvet Revolver – Fall To Pieces.

As for the Stone Temple Pilots stuff, they did Crackerman, Lady Picture Show, Big Empty, and Plush.

Ajan also played in Brainhead. Brainhead played at the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Gig, 17th August 2007, Jamasia.

(Flashback to then.)

Coincidentally, BullsEye KL and Jamasia are owned by the same folks!

Fadhil jumps on stage to introduce the last band.


They’d been inactive since 2013, but got back together to do this Scott Weiland tribute.

The last time I met Ronny was also here, where he talked about being a father. So now I knew where the rockers have gone.

Ojie’s beautiful Rickenbacker. I’ve never seen one in such a mint, new condition – this must be what it looked like back in those days.

Velan Nathan played drums with Stonebay in an earlier lineup. And so, for that, the band on stage was known as Teluk Batu Berhad. First, they covered Stone Temple Pilots – Sex Type Thing.

Here’s them covering Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song.

Afiq joined later, so the band on stage was now Stonebay.

Ojie has always had that deep grunge voice that carried such covers well. Stonebay also played at the same tribute gig! They covered Stone Temple Pilots’ Wicked Garden, Creep, Big Bang Baby, and Silvergun Superman.

He announced that he got the idea to do the tribute because of a Facebook post where I tagged him. It was a throwback to the Stone Temple Pilots Tribute Gig, and I posted this because Scott Weiland had recently passed away. I was so glad I swapped shooting A Shameless Covers Night 3 from Saturday (where it would clash) to Friday, so I could go for this gig. It would suck if I didn’t go!

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