Asian Connection ft. Take Two (SG)

7th January 2016: Asian Connection ft. Take Two (SG) at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

First up, Nadir, a crazy jazz fusion band with what has been described to be a Tourism Malaysia sound!

Zaim on bass!

Stephanie on keys!

Eizaz filling in for Adil Johan on saxophone!

(Edited with update from Zaim) Kamal of Salam Musik filling in for Farique on guitar! (Interestingly, one of the reasons they got him to fill in, is his resemblance to Farique.)

Rashdan on guitar and vocals!

Ashwin on drums!

Santosh on tabla and percussion!

Continuing the unconventional is Chirin Chirin.

Punk rock band power without the punk, just screaming and rocking out.

We’d normally see these band members in different roles.

More crunchy distortion!

I didn’t inspect how these things worked.

Big crowd, and the first gig I attended in 2016! New Year greetings went all around.

Darren Teh, emcee and organizer.

Next up, another big band.

Son Of A Policeman!

Jee has a thing for restless keyboards.

Singalong choruses are their forte.

I was surprised to find out that Axl Grey is a programmer – that’s my day job, too!

Contrary to assumption, none of them are the offspring of policemen. Whether they are offspring of policewomen, I do not know.

Take Two.

They hail from Singapore.

Indie electronica-tinged rock, suitable for dancing.

It’s been a while that I’d been so impressed that I’d buy an album.

Theirs was sold as either an audio CD or USB thumb drive. I opted for the USB thumb drive, as you could reuse the thumb drive (plus, my DVD burner has been acting up since I upgraded to Windows 10.)

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