KLPAC Open, Dei!

Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center Open Day, 23rd January 2011! Here’s a reading.

Switch On, an art installation outside, not quite impervious to rain, though…

KLPAC is right next to the beautiful Sentul Park.

And out of the park after the rain comes the The Gentle Snail!

Noel and his Polaroid…

…and his bright-lensed rangefinder.

A very cheery Afdeza of Poet Stories.

Peter Tan (and Wuan) spotted from afar!

Yup, there is no shaded parking anywhere in Sentul Park.

The day was far more camera-pr0n-ful.

Improv Comedy by AI:IA.

Back outside, the bubble-blowing machine was one of many devices that made sounds, that Switch On was connected to.

One could flip many switches to form a symphony of cacophony…

…which included printers, scanners, alarms, hair dryers…

…and a whole load of electronics.

I was too far away to hear the punchline.

I kept the flyer for the event, but I can’t figure out what performance this was.

Hmmm I have an idea!

Outside, a well-weathered building.

I then headed to Pavilion, since the open day was over before sunset.

Found a new food court at Berjaya Times Square. Why yes, I do like the Taste Of Asia!

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