So I slept at 11pm Monday, and 11:30pm Tuesday. Accomplishment!

The rest of this is a majorly procrastinated post.

Back in the days of school, I used to sleep a solid 8 hours. Yeah, I was proud of it then. Getting into work and college and online addictivity got me on 6 to 2 hours of sleep. 🙁

Jenifur once wondered why time seemed to pass much faster now.

I attribute it to sleepiness. Back in school everyone was good and sober and came home in the afternoon and went to sleep at 10pm and remembered how to program their VCR to record late night talk shows.

Nowadays we’re complaining and being proud of staying awake for 48 hours, but for what? We’re comparing eyebags and dunking teabags like it was a good thing.

Time goes faster when you’re sleepy.

I can’t even sleep past 10 hours! When I do get enough sleep, I find the day to be slower because everything is more vivid and I’m more aware of the time slowly creeping. Waiting for/in public transport is a chore only when you’re wide awake. Smelly people and pervy oppurtunists only bother you when you’re wide awake. Don’t worry about missing your stop; routine will make your body clock instinctively wake you up one stop before.

I have a digital watch that has a countdown timer and a stopwatch so I will be awakened when I reach the bus stop. So what if you old fogeys think analogue watches are more classy, I value practicality and punctuality. Or I’m too sleepy to care.

I am now wide awake, and I can tell you this: Heightened consciousness is a real bother.

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  1. shelley Post author

    Wow – that is the best description of wide awake vs sleepy state , i’ve ever read. Its sooo true. Its 3.55am now. i have a feeling I will have a fast day tomorrow, based on your well researched blog.


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