Why, It’s A Beautiful Ring…tone

I received a ringtone last night, at 9pm. I accidentally pressed the right soft key of my Nokia 3350 and it was gone! I frantically searched my Tones menu for a way to retrieve it, and at least thank whoever it is who sent it for the ringtone. Unfortunately it was nowhere to be found.

I went to sleep wondering who this mystery ringtone sender was. Was she my secret admirer?

I woke up the next morning, and I received another ringtone. It was titled “Beautiful“. I saved it, but there was no way to know who my secret admirer was!

Ah well, some of you with good old Nokias might be able to reconstruct it and find out what song this is:

Tempo: 180 bpm

32d2 16.e3 8d1 32d2 16.- 8c3 32d2 16.- 8g1
32g1 8- 32d2 16.- 32g1 16.e2 8g1 32g1 16.a2
8g1 32g1 8- 32d2 16.- 32g1 8- 32d2 8- 32g1
16.g2 8e3 32d2 16.d3 8c1 32c2 16.g1 32g1 8-
32d2 16.- 32g1 16.e2 8g1 32g1 16.a2 8g1 32g1
8- 32c2 16.- 32g1

Yes, it’s monophonic. None of that fancy polyphonic stuff.

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