Maybe Blank

So I can’t register an account without a company letter. How did I get my own ATM card when I was 16, then?

So I’ve gotta register nearest to my company. I don’t have a car or the time to go to Putrajaya. And Putrajaya isn’t that near Bukit Jalil is it?

So I couldn’t hear the guy mumbling behind the glass. Does that warrant a “aiii budak ni” as I took a seat? (Funny how I could hear him then.)

They screw up the bank cheque by misspelling the receiver’s name. (I realized this later.) I wanted to transfer funds into an account (I provided the account number) but she made me a cheque to mail to them. Obviously both of us were confused, and so I asked if they had any service to send it to them. Does that warrant a “isssh budak ni kurang ajar” as I walked away, still within earshot?

The one day I decide to do business with this bank, you have lousy service. Some people don’t go to the bank often. Remember that we aren’t familiar with your procedures.

So I got in a taxi. The guy was filling up a form. He asked where I came from. I told him my story.

And now, the narration is from the old Chinese taxi driver:

FACK THEM LAH! Back in the days before ticket numbers, I was queueing up for over half an hour. The counters were busy chatting away and taking their own sweet time to count their money. So I shouted

5 thoughts on “Maybe Blank

  1. alda Post author

    hehe, thats funny. i lke taxi drivers like that! should make fuss, dont show them your scared, take lessons from deb. she scares many people

  2. ahjin Post author

    wah, the taxi driver damn terror! 😛 people who speak up for themselves are very admirable. wish i could be like that too, but i cowardla.. ><


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