Botak Chin

I bumped into an old friend in a shopping mall, and this transpired a week later. His messages are in bold.

Been wanting to tell you this for almost a week
Hola to you too…

So yes what do you wanna tell me?
Remember my ex-housemates who were with me at 1U the other day?
Well, if it’s any compliments, they think you’re cute
BUT… with a queer for a straight guy moment…
They recommended that you should shave off the goatie
And I quote them “it makes him look weird”

How weird?
Are they your roomies from THAT SS2 house?
Hahaah… bingo
I dunno how weird, you go ask them yourself la..

I DO intend to actually, I think it’s long enough to have proven its point, and I’ve probably impressed enough people as the “chinaman who can grow a beard”
What do YOU think?
Beard or no beard?
All I can say is…
I do agree with them
(sorry, bro)

See, I wanna be attractive to girls not gays
It kinda makes you look like you’re nowhere in between
Trust me
If gays dun like it

Nowhere in between? In between what two extremes?

He didn’t reply, so I went for lunch, and when I came back he was gone.

Oooh Friday night was fun, I bumped into old old friends all over Hartamas! So then, the verdict was made. Everybody saw the beard. It was time to go. Sorry Suanie!

Left: Botak Chin. Right: Chinaman can grow beard you know.

Botak is Malay for bald, by the way.

On Saturday morning, nobody noticed! It seems that people notice that there was a beard, but nobody noticed that it was gone.

Ah well, there won’t be any more Chinese chicks asking me for directions in Malay. 🙁

Edit: Ooh! Till the last day, my beard continued growing to my right. Weird. I thought it would eventually be heavy enough and let gravity pull it down.

8 thoughts on “Botak Chin

  1. shelley Post author

    Ahhhh…! no more ‘ganas’ Albert! I was just getting used to the new look. Now, I have to get used to the albert-with-long-hair-but-no-beard look. How? Pengsan.

  2. cheneille Post author

    ehem. honestly, i think ur better off without d beard too.

    now u look even hotter than u already are.

  3. cheneille Post author

    eh alb… i’m a bit curious with this “chinaman can grow beard” thingy. who told u they couldnt?? should read more history la. lots of the wise old men back then had beards what. in fact i think plenty of chinaman (chinamen?) can grow very fine beards. literally fine, but it’s still there lah. takkan u want as lebat as tok janggut’s wan!


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