4 thoughts on “Rhymes with She’s A Looker

  1. sonia Post author

    Hey, just wanted to say what an interesting convo with that taxi driver. I can imagine his loud voice. Haha.. =P But kinda scary.. I think most ppl’s reaction would be to laugh along too! *laugh and proceed to hide fear*

  2. C. L. TAN Post author

    That’s an Egyptian smoking utensil… I’ve seen one (or something like that) – which emitted vapour rather than smoke – on a Taiwanese variety show when they visited a restaurant in M’sia.

    Is this the tobacco smoke-emitting type or the steam type?

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    Dude, you gotta get out in town more often. Shisha is common in Bangsar, Hartamas and Bintang Walk. It lets you inhale flavored, scented vapors, but the art is exhaling it artfully to produce smoke shapes. It gives you a high from the lack of oxygen, but it should soon be second nature. Do it now before they declare it unhealthy!


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