August Gigs

What: Uh, a Hartamas Square gig?
When: 8pm Thursday August 4th 2005
Where: Hartamas Square
Who: Broken Scar, Soft Touch, Flatline
How much: Free I suppose, just buy a drink and plop yourself in one of those seats

What: Acoustic guitar workshop with Az Samad and vocal workshop with Shelley Leong
When: 2-4pm Sunday 7th August 2005
Where: The Music Hut, Bandar Damansara Perdana; call 03-77109198 or 012-6510445 for bookings.
Who: Az Samad and Shelley Leong
How much: RM10

What: Spirit Of Independence
When: 4pm Sunday 7th August 2005
Where: Paul’s New Place
Who: Dragon Red, NAO, Furniture, Shelley Leong, Soft Touch, Tempered Mental, Y2K, Cosmic Funk Express, Jasemaine and X-cited Screamers
How much: RM12 and you get a free wristband while stocks last

What: Rock Around The Clock (or Poseidon’s album launch. Kickass shredding!)
When: 6pm Friday 12th August 2005
Where: Paul’s New Place
Who: Borange, Inverted Coma, Vineyard, Fuselage, Stonebay, Warve, Poseidon, Frequency Cannon, Vespertine, Cosmic Funk Express, Beat The System, Infiltrated
How much: RM15 and you get one free drink

What: Mont Kiara Jazz Fest
When: 10pm Friday 12th August 2005
Where: Sunrise Plaza Mont Kiara
Who: Cosmic Funk Express, Outrageous
How much: You can sit in front for free or buy an expensive alcoholic drink and have a seat.

What: The Fretboard Menace
When: 8pm Friday 26th August 2005
Where: KL JamAsia, No. 19-1, Jalan 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas
Who: Az Samad, Cosmic Funk Express, Deja Voodoo Spells (and they’ll do a G3-style bit at the end! I wonder who the bassist and drummer will be, though…)
How much: RM15 with a free drink; first 20 females get in free.

The reason why I advertise these gigs is because that might actually help instead of telling people how they missed a great performance. And yes, I’m going for all of them. I’ve also been roped in to take pictures for Irene (who will then pass it to the New Straits Times newspaper) so if you wanna appear in the newspaper, look for me and I’ll make you famous. It might help if you looked like you were rocking out. Yes I admit that my digital camera’s picture quality isn’t that great but it was used to take that big mugshot of Frequency Cannon in NST. (Well the photographer ran out of batteries so he borrowed mine…)

The only shaky plans are the acoustic guitar workshop (until I master the art of teleportation) and the jazz fest (since I’ve already seen Cosmic Funk Express and have to take pictures…) Why can’t they have the jazz fest clumped up into a nice Friday night like last year’s, when all the bands I wanted to see all played the same night?

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  1. alda Post author

    dude? if u need transport from the workshop to paul’s place gig? ask me la, SMS le, i’ll help u out.

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