Mucho Updato

I’ve updated!

On the site:
1) My Models page – I love CSS and its float:left property! Look at how the Models page adjusts the images when you resize your browser! Cool eh?

2) My Quotes page – I’ve properly marked the sections and their distinctions. I’ve always categorized them, just without names. Now you know what each one falls under. May you have divine interpretations! 😉

On my PC: (yeeeaaaahhh!!!)
(Warning: Technical words ahead.)
1) My ASUS A7A 266-E motherboard! This is like the only motherboard (besides a questionable Matsonic) that has both Double Data Rate SD RAM and classic SD RAM slots! I’m using my old Kingmax 256 Megabyte 150 Megahertz SD RAM stick until DDR RAM prices go down, and then I’ll upgrade again!

2) My AMD Athlon XP 1800+! It seems to have paired my ailing Voodoo3 2000 PCI pretty well, and I haven’t seen below 30 frames per second in any game I’ve tried so far!

On my life: (er…)

Oh joy. Accounts exams coming. Two people I know are already failing it. Should I?

I’ve also had a few quotes come in a barrage. Seems like it’s enlightenment time. Read my Duh-vana sonnet to become one with the unknowledgable! For all you need to know, you actually don’t!

Quote of this er… post: “Love is not as blind as hate.”

I hope you guys can figure that one out properly. 😛

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