I have moved! =] Rocket Queen the great has let me sit in her ASP server instead of me having to contend with Brinkster.

Oh, and I’ve changed the default skin to Green! Before this, it was Under Construction. If you thought I was corniness in a 2-minute cup, check out Framed, a cute little weird skin. There are more skins to choose from, so click on Change Skin to give yourself a change!

Finally, I’ve added LJ’s Den, a friend’s website, to my About Me section. He’s the one who pointed me in the direction to learn CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), which makes the site’s text look good! 🙂

I’m getting sickeningly hard-selling promotionally talking. Just look at my previous paragraphs. Having to type promotional copy for work does have its effects. 😛 I’ll stop here because I’m sounding too much like a salesman.

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