Housebreaking Problems

I came back to my old host, Brinkster. Why? Because the new host’s server was cranky about my Microsoft Access MDB (Microsoft Data Base). This was the same problem with my very first host. That would make Brinkster my second host.

Don’t worry about reupdating your bookmarks – both sites redirect to each other, keeping the links, when I ask them to. If one server screws up, I can always activate code to pass you to the other server. The coolest part of this is that it actually remembers what page you were at!

I’ve updated the blog system – the archives work now!

Also, I’ve added pictures to the Models section! No more boring text for you modern high-speed surfers! (Also, a whopper download for those on slow connections… 🙁 )

Yeah, yeah, I know – boring old site updates. What about me?!? (You came here to know how I’m doing, riiight?) I’m fine. I’m alive. I’m typing this at the computer. I guess your concern is not needed now – I’m not self-pitying now. I’m not reiterating how lame I am and how I have no life. No pity required.

Wise Quote: “Whatever’s written in stone can be cut away with diamonds.”

However righteous you may be, you can still be bought over with big enough a reward. Howzat for my wiseness today?

Wise but misinterpreted Quote: “If the eyes are the window to the soul, then the mouth is the door.”

It was supposed to mean that you look deep when people look in your eyes, but opening your mouth totally screws up your ‘beautiful soul’ personality. My friend (a female, at that!) interpreted it as ‘French kissing can get you anywhere’. I didn’t get it. If you did, or if you got a different interpretation, please please reply to this post!

0 thoughts on “Housebreaking Problems

  1. Shom Post author

    Hmmm … here’s another way of looking at it? The eyes being window to the soul ( meaning that the the eyes provide a clear medium of communication between people, ie you can perceive and interpret what a person wishes to communicate in terms of feelings, emotions etc through looking through his / her window -> eye ) Which in the mouth, in this case, is the door, means you can, to put it ‘literally’ WALK into the person’s soul using your mouth which generates speech. It could mean once you are dissatisfied with merely gaping through windows, you should take the courageous way of walking straight into the person’s soul and verify your interpretation by talking to the person and getting to know him.

    Corny, kinda. hehe

    But the french kiss part does kinda make sense. They say a kiss can tell everything …


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