Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Crinkle Cut & Calico / June 2014 Edition

QG, made of Raja Farouque and Grace!

They did instrumentals, first one for me.

The Bee, Jaya One, the name of this place.

Don’t Stop Me Now, I Dreamed A Dream, sang Jee.

Hameer, emcee, Feedback, June Edition.

The Groovy Sauce Project, next to be on.

The rest of the band, seated position.

Two guitars, two capos, and one cajon.

The date was 10th June 2014.

The Four Leaf Clover had a tin whistle.

Jonathan Khor here, was on violin.

Gaelic The Beatles – Blackbird, magical!

It’s leg day today so lift your cajons!

Oooh, a shiny pickup! It’s chrome, not bronze.

Ashley Chan, with Melvin Goh on the keys.

The theme was The Musicals, so here’s Fazz.

Cabaret vaudeville, dance if you please!

Kevin Vong leaps around with much pizzazz.

Jonathan Khor adds some strings to the mix.

Meanwhile, outside, six years unseen, was Bo.

Yvonne Chong, salesperson, shows us some tricks.

Then it was time for her band, Calico.

Faz’s new Stratocaster is handsome.

They were the first featured act of the night.

Kimbra – Settle Down with looper, awesome!

Crinkle Cut with Frances’ vocal might!

Here’s Melissa “bokeh” Wong on guitar.

For more of the band, a shot from afar.

You would get in trouble in school for this.

Frances and her vocal effects pedal.

Grace Foo is on keyboard and harmonies.

Guitar Hero-colored nails on this girl.

Pink Punk Chop is a catchy, unique name.

Spot my theme, iambic pentameters?

Hofner! Not all basses are made the same.

Bo Amir, who I had not seen in years.

Joined by Collin, very much comedic!

Cracked us up, silly Cantonese banter.

Sat Arvo with Fariz on electric!

By midnight his wife turned a year older.

Beatrice doing La Vie en rose.

Ashley, the winner of tickets, says yay!

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