Goodbye Yellow Sky

Selamat tinggal Bungaku
Ku doakan kau bahagia
Jumpa kita di neraka

So wrote a muse in a tunnel in Midvalley Megamall. A wise, profound, and yet disturbing poem. Translated loosely, it says:

Goodbye, my flower
I wish on you happiness
Meet us up in hell

Yes, I even turned it into haiku format. 😀 At first glance, it sounds like a girl did him wrong. (Would a girl call a guy her flower, and if so, would she write it on a white wall with a ballpoint pen?) He however still thinks fondly of her, and wishes her the best with her new love. The twist is in “meet us“; us is probably him and whoever he fooled around with.

Oh and I finally watched The Island. Why did he have to die? He wasn’t a typical evil. But then agnates die so I guess it was fair in a way. Yes I hope I’m not spoiling it for you. I may just have faith in Michael Bay to direct the new Transformers live action movie.

Oh check out what the haze brought in:

The Hungry Ghost Festival, also one of the freakiest full moons ever. This picture, and the next, were color-adjusted.

Earlier that day, this was what I saw walking out of ASTRO…

All pictures were merely sharpened and resized; no color adjustment was done except on the third and fourth picture.

One thought on “Goodbye Yellow Sky

  1. Shakir Post author

    woah man.. the poem has quite a profound meaning.. I feel quite the chill reading it

    the see you in hell phrase is pretty light in english but when u switch it to Neraka.. it seems to have a bit more venom in a way..


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