Death Metal

Master of the slave
Was the name he gave
You’re magnetic and full of potential
But you’ve spun dizzily into your grave

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

A dozen a dime
A dozen years time
It doesn’t seem right
It doesn’t see the light

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

It wasn’t enough that I tried to get you back
You played dead and I needed a hack
So I searched around for the cure but you were still black
And now everything is blank, what a wreck!

Soon, all our memories became heavy metal.

Hmmm. I can’t write poems like I did back in college.

Look ma, no jumpers! (Yes, these pictures are so very much related.)

So old-school, the jumpers are on the underside of the hard disk!

Anyway, in summary, I plugged this 127MB Quantum ProDrive ELS into my left-side computer and couldn’t get it to detect. I plugged in the other three hard disks, (a Quantum Corona 4.3GB, Quantum Fireball 5.1GB, Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40GB) with it detecting one of them only once. Moved jumpers about, and from then on, the display did not show, and the speaker did not beep. Moved RAM position. I dug up my Radeon DVI adapter to try the other display to no avail. I even dug up my 3dfx Voodoo3 PCI!

I haven’t been this frustrated, and yet I am feeling strangely fine.

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